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CarlinKit AIBOX: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto go wireless

With this device you can connect any device to your car in a completely wireless way. This is CarlinKit AIBOX and is available for cars compatible with the wired versions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have it somewhat revolutionized the way we drive. Being able to access the main functions of our smartphone in a simple and safe way has certainly increased safety on the roads and also driving comfort. Although by now most cars are compatible with this standard technology, unfortunately still today many cars (especially the cheaper ones) rely on a wired communication which is much more inconvenient to use and requires you to always have a USB cable with us. However, recent wireless technologies offer enough bandwidth to handle everything. This is where CarlinKit AIBOX comes into play.

CarlinKit AIBOX: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto go wireless

CarlinKit AIBOX: the kit that frees Apple CarPlay and Android Auto cables

The adapter CarlinKit AIBOX which remove the need to connect your smartphone to the car via the cable. In fact, just connect this device to the car’s USB port and leave it there. When we enter the car, we will connect the phone to CarlinKit AIBOX in a totally wireless way and the game is done! This kit also allows you to expand the functionality in some cases because it is compatible with many apps, even those of video streaming like YouTube or Netflix. Using the Play Store you can also access a myriad of apps directly from the screen of your car (make sure it has a touchscreen of course!).

CarlinKit AIBOX: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto go wireless

Features and price

CarlinKit AIBOX is version based Android 11.0 and is equipped with RAM da 3 GB e da ROM 32 GB (expandable up to 128GB). We also find a Qualcomm Quad Core processor. This allows us to use it even without connecting the mobile to the device, we can simply install the apps inside it – we have more than 100 supported ones – and use them. We obviously have the ability to access navigation apps, but also social media or messaging apps and even many streaming apps. Obviously we must always pay attention while driving not to use potentially dangerous apps that distract us from driving. The internet connection can be guaranteed via Wi-Fi or via a 4G SIM card. A 365 day warranty is also offered for this product.

The price is 199,99 euro and you can buy CarlinKit AIBOX on Amazon by clicking on the box below. That’s all from the electronics section, keep following us!

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