Carnivalé: Cenzo’s Adventure, Nintendo’s forgotten game has been released

Carnivalé: Cenzo's Adventure, il gioco dimenticato di Nintendo è stato rilasciato thumbnail

Hard4Games recently brought back to life Carnivalé: Cenzo’s Adventurethe forgotten game of Nintendo for N64 presented in 1999. The development of the title has finally been completed and is now possible download it for free. Here are all the details.

Carnivalé: Cenzo’s Adventure, Nintendo’s famous forgotten game

Carnivalé: Cenzo’s Adventure was a punreleased 3D latform for Nintendo 64. It was developed by Terraglyph Interactive Studios and published by Vatical Entertainment. The game was based on the 2000 animated film Carnivalé, directed by Tim Burton’s former art director, Deane Taylor. The film was voiced by Helena Bonham Carter and Hugh Laurie.

The film follows a group of children who are lured into a portal that makes them time travel and that brings them into a amusement park. Of course, in Burton’s twisted way, not everything is as it seems. Even though the film has been considered a lost media for several years, it appears that a copy is now available for viewing su Internet Archive.

The tie-in of the video game for N64, on the other hand, was presented at theE3 1999 but it never came out. In a new video from the video game conservatories’ YouTube channel, Hard4Games explains his disappearance. The game he was never released due to the firm’s financial problems.

Fortunately, the game was found and released to the public. This thanks to Baker64 and the conservative group of Nintendo, Forest of Illusion.

The game appears to roughly follow the movie plot, where a group of kids get stuck in an extravagant amusement park. However, the gameplay appears to be less of a story and more of one mini-game collectionwhich consists mainly of the grind coins e play typical carnival games.

While the YouTube video covers more content than the E3 showcase did (the E3 build was “noted to be rather incomplete”), commentators also suggested that there is more to the game than shown in the video. If you also want to download it, you can consult this website.