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The tech gifts to give on the occasion of Women’s Day

The Women’s Day is an excellent excuse for spoil your woman e give her a nice gift. It is also an opportunity for pamper yourself a little and remember how much you love each other. In this article we will discover together the tech gifts to give to your favorite woman on the occasion of Women’s Day. Did you get a pen and paper? Very well, then let’s get started.

Tech gifts for Women’s Day: a smartwatch

APPLE WATCH covid tech princess

I technological gadgets are one of those categories of gifts that are worth shelling out some money for. Aside from clothing and food, which everyone likes, gadgets are what they have the ability to fascinate a larger slice of peopleregardless of their age or gender.

On the market we find numerous tech items: some gadgets are designed to kill time but others, on the other hand, are designed to be actually useful. However, when it comes to giving something to a woman, one has to go the extra mile to be sure to offer her the perfect gift.

A gift with which you can never go wrong, at least in our opinion, it is smartwatch. Smartwatches are complete gifts, equipped with various useful features for the user, including several fitness functions – if your woman loves physical exercise. It also allows users to control calls and messages, so they are able to spend less time on their mobile phone and also allow them to keep track of the own health.

In short, smartwatches offer so many features that you can’t go wrong: it’s the perfect gift for any type of woman. Obviously you will find plenty of them on the market and, often, it is also difficult to choose. We personally recommend theApple Watch Series 6the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 but also the Huawei Watch GT 3. These smartwatches are found in the range medium-high price. If you prefer something instead cheaperyou can be on the safe side with the products Xiaomi, really or also Honor. They are simple, elegant and you will still make a good impression.

Kindle Paperwhite

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If your best friend or your favorite woman loves it to read e he has no more space in his librarymaybe it’s time to make things easier for you with the Kindle Paperwhite. This is the best tech gift you can give to a reading lover, that he grinds dozens of books day after day.

The Kindle Paperwhite, released in 2021, has a completely new design e improved. Moreover, it is also a lot convenient. And also waterproof, Elegant, light and has a amazing flat screen to give the reader a more natural feel when reading. And if you want to go big, you can add one nice protective case and also add your favorite book of the chosen woman inside the device.

On Amazon you will find an incredible selection of protective, stylish and fun cases.

Dyson Corrale


Technology also joins the category of self-care. If you want to surprise your woman, the plate Dyson Corrale it’s the perfect gift to blow her off – of course, make sure she has long hair. The Dyson soleplate is equipped with flexible foils and boasts a cutting-edge technology with micro-engraved sheets that fit to hug your hair. At each step, the plate applies heat e voltage evenly over the entire lock.

Suitable for any type of hairthe plate boasts three heat settings: 165 ° C, 185 ° C and 210 ° C. It also uses a platinum sensor that measures the temperature 100 times per second. This technology communicates with a microprocessor which in turn controls the heating system, emitting a precise and accurate heat.

Thanks to four-cell lithium-ion batterythe Corrale plate guarantees autonomy in wireless modemaking it the perfect gift for anyone looking to style anywhere, anytime – faster, with half the damage.

Tech Gifts for Women’s Day: Sony Wireless Headphones-1000XM3

sony wireless tech princess

If your woman loves listening to music and she can’t detach herself from her headphones, maybe it’s time to pull out the winning card to make her understand how much you love her. Compatible with Google Assistantthe Sony wireless headphones I am extremely comfortable and provide the better audio quality.

Its unique design offers an exceptional noise cancellation and has a duration of 30 hour battery. That’s not all: Sony wireless headphones also provide playback of 5 hours with just 10 minutes of charging. These incredibly beautiful and portable headphones come in two variants, nero e silver.

Surprise your woman with this wonderful gift. But be careful, she may completely stop listening to you and be busy listening to yours favorite songs.

Foreo Luna 3


Is your woman a skincare lover and spends most of her time in the bathroom applying serums, creams and SPFs? Very well, then the perfect regatta for her is definitely Foreo Luna 3. This weird but wonderful tech device is a brush that purifies e cleans the skin in a gentle and effective way. It is able to remove all impurities without affecting the elasticity of the skin.

Indeed, Foreo Luna 3 stimulates e increases the production of elastin and collagen as a normal firming massager would do. Using it daily will help you get more skin bright e radiant. In addition, the FOREO For You App allows users to customize pulse and intensity controls, depending on the desired treatment level.

Compared to the competition, it is also more hygienic than nylon: thanks to soft silicone e smooth.

realme GT 2 Pro: the top of the realme range

realme GT 2 pro review

We conclude with one of the latest releases in the smartwatch field. If your woman plans to change her smartphone but she doesn’t know what to choose yet, we recommend realme GT 2 Pro, the company’s top of the range.

realme GT 2 Pro is equipped with Super Reality Display, made to deliver incredibly realistic, rich, natural and authentic images. This represents the first Flat Display AMOLED 2K with technology LTPO 2.0 in the world. The Super Reality Display was created using a 6.7-inch AMOLED E4 with over 4.5 million pixels so i 525 pixels per inch.

The new realme GT 2 Pro model also offers an incredible configuration a triple camera with the first camera ultra-wide a 150° to the world and one with 40x micro-lens. The 50 MP main camera adopts the flagship IMX766 sensor with full PDAF and OIS functionality.

The fotocamera ultra-wide a 150° can take extreme panoramas with an increase in the 278% of the field of view for images than most cameras on the market. As you can imagine, the camera then needs software that takes advantage of it. For this realme presents the first fish-eye mode to the world in a smartphone.

The amazing micro-lens of the camera 2.0 with 40X zoom allows you to take a closer look and discover the world around us in a whole new way. This version 2.0 allows you to take clear photos even if you are 2 times further away from the subject.

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