Casino2K Interview: A Plunge into the World of Online Gaming

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In this very particular article, we report an interview with one of the co-founders of Casino2K, a site where we can find all the information regarding online gambling

The online gambling business has grown exponentially over the past few years. Hundreds of thousands of players in our country have used these platforms in the last few months more or less consciously. Given that it is a rather delicate issueboth in financial terms and in terms of health, we thought we would bring you an interview at Casino2K.

Casino2K is one of the most complete and up-to-date websites among those that deal with guides and information on online gaming. Let’s find out what lies behind this project, which is as great as it is useful for society.

Casino2K Interview: A Plunge into the World of Online Gaming

Casino2K interview: the story

Bye! Tell us what Casino2K was born from and when.

Hi, Casino2K was born more than 10 years ago from a friendship between the 3 founders, Salvatore, Stefano and Matteo. A friendship that revolved both around gambling and around the various aspects that revolve around the world of the internet.

What is the “vision” of Casino2K?

At the time, all the sites made a fraudulent communication about gambling, not really explaining what it is but proposing it for example as an investment, which is the wrong thing. We have been scammed in the first person by false strategies and we therefore decided to found Casino2K, with the intention of telling this world in a correct way. It is very easy to go wrong in telling about gambling, and at the time that there were no rules you can imagine how misleading what was on the web was.

Casino2K Interview: A Plunge into the World of Online Gaming

Casino2K interview: the rules of the game

In the many years of experience in the sector, passing from .com to .it, with the AAMS / ADM legislation and the Dignity Decree, which changes have had the greatest impact on the market and in what terms?

The Aams / Adm legislation has given an important message to the whole world, we have been among the pioneers, as an Italian system, for the reorganization and proper regulation of this sector. We are currently followed and taken by example from all over the world, we just have to thank this historic passage of July 2011.

The Dignity decree arises from the incorrect behavior of many subjects in the supply chain in the last months of the last legislature, where they exploited a temporary power vacuum. In fact, as soon as the new legislature was born, the Dignity Decree was the first legislative measure of this legislature. Reason why it will hardly go back, and if it does, it could be a big moral and ethical problem.

The epochal change took place both in terms of communication in general and in terms of the development of new gambling entertainment products. These changes were forced for the creation of a better digital society than the previous and current one. Unfortunately, there is still too much bad information on the internet and on social networks, and the AI ​​of search engines and social networks have shown that they are unable to recognize true from false, right from wrong.

Is there anything you wished had been done differently when the current regulation went into effect?

Certain passages could have been managed better in the media, but in general everything can always be improved. I prefer to see the glass half full. It must also be said that in these 10 years we would have preferred greater online control on sites like us that do communication and on operators. We understand the difficulties, but we have learned that we grow and improve thanks to the difficulties we encounter.

What characteristics are essential to be successful in this industry in Italy?

Surely passion for the game and digital skills and vocations are fundamental.

As in all sectors, one must be passionate about work, be aware that competition is always stronger and often unfair and therefore one must never break down and work to always try to improve.

Being in Italy and respecting all the rules is currently a disadvantage, not only in our sector, as most of the players in the supply chain do not reside in our country. Obviously it is necessary to have a propensity and vocation in the digital environment, in our world by now the paper has no longer existed for many years. I close by saying, even if trivial, that we must always believe in dreams and always give 100% to achieve them.

Casino2K Interview: A Plunge into the World of Online Gaming

Casino2K interview: the added value

What sets you apart from other operators in the sector?

First of all, behind Casino2K there are real people and authors, Italian, fiscally and ethically unexceptionable. 99% of the sites found in the search engines belong to multinationals that offer ethics only as a facade and then do not have any problem circumventing the Agicom guidelines on communication and exposure of illegal casinos. The controls on digital are currently not sufficient.

Yes that’s right, there are still many sites, often from these companies, that offer illegal sites. We are now the last important Italian bulwark on gambling communication, true, with ethics and morals.

He understands that if we make a mistake, we could be persecuted immediately, which cannot happen to these companies.

Among your competitors, is there anyone who has particularly surprised you (for better or for worse)? If so, why?

We are positively impressed by the seriousness and professionalism of the sector media, therefore B2B and not B2C. They have been playing an important role in the industry for years, and they are doing it well and correctly.

As for our competitors, unfortunately none are for the good. Nobody is interested in safeguarding the player, because they are not Italians, they are not prosecutable, they are abroad, hidden, anonymous. This is a problem all over the web, not just in our industry. With these conditions one cannot expect ethics and communicative morality. Do you think that there are Italian newspapers that secretly propose illegal sites.

Casino2K Interview: A Plunge into the World of Online Gaming

Casino2K interview: a look to the future

If you could ask the institutions something to improve the sector, what would you ask?

We would certainly ask for more controls, even if we understand that it is difficult because it also takes certain digital skills that not everyone has and unfortunately the control teams are unable to achieve everything. The web is too big and the offense is still too widespread, even if the market is regulated.

We also hope for the complete and definitive elimination of gambling from social networks, such as you tube. We live in the historical period of influencers, and unfortunately there are also those of gambling who are an absolute evil for the players. They encourage gambling by giving a misleading message of how gambling is to be taken. We hope for a total blockade by the legislator.

Does blocking influencers not risk falling into censorship?

In our opinion, blocking gambling influencers is absolutely not, we do not consider blocking those who make a communication that hurts, distorting and propaganda, but rather it is curative and preventive. The legislator also serves this purpose.

In your opinion, is it normal for a person to spend hours playing slot machines, for example? By the way, not with their own money. What message do we give to young people? To the players? What is right to spend hours and hours gambling? It seems clear to us that this is not good.

The world of casinos is changing a lot, especially from the point of view of technology. How do you see the future of iGaming? Could artificial intelligence play a more relevant role?

For years now, AI has been playing an important role in online casinos, especially in terms of security. Since the bonus has always been used for marketing purposes, for example, there are many people who try to use them and exploit them to make scams. Even in the banking sector, there are numerous attempts to use credit cards stolen on the web and money laundering (to name a few). For these aspects, AI is fundamental and we are finding it effective, even if sometimes it makes mistakes and the players ask us for help on our forum.

The AI ​​has been working for years to find scammers and make casinos safe and unexceptionable environments for these points of view. If applied correctly, AI can be of great help. Even if we believe that the human is still too relevant and can never be replaced. If so, it would be the beginning of the end of the company.

We have even read that the AI ​​for example of Google seems to be sentient, this thing scares us. A sentient AI cannot and must not be a guide. AI comes from the human brain, from the information it makes fun of, and this information is often false, propaganda, amoral, so if these are the foundations of inspiration for a sentient intelligence, the direction is really wrong, at least in the sector of i-Gaming.

The number of software providers is constantly growing and we are also witnessing mergers of companies or giants that buy others. What makes today, in a world so “evolved” from the point of view of graphics and music, a casino game better than the others?

Yes, the market is experiencing a phase of maturation and we are witnessing a process of transition from a fragmented market to a market that is more concentrated in fewer but very large players. It is a trend that we are experiencing not only at the provider level, but along the entire supply chain of the sector. I believe it is a natural process that occurs in almost every market.

It’s hard to say what is better from a musical and graphic point of view, preferences are often subjective in gaming products. The very high range of products demonstrates how they are trying to “attack” all types of preferences that people may have. In fact, for example, we find slot machines for every area, we have come to have thousands regulated.

We believe that today human contact is more relevant than music or graphics, because we remember that in the game the dealer always has a greater chance of winning than the player, and it can happen to have even big losses, if you get carried away. and gets carried away by the wrong feelings, and therefore human support and contact must be there, and are required. We have our own forum for that too.

We know that you not only work in the online gaming industry, but you are also a user of it. If you could choose two games, which would you choose and why?

I am a slot machine enthusiast, think that I have been dazzled since I was a child when there were coin-operated slots in restaurants, I am talking to you about more than 30 years ago. I also like playing roulette and blackjack, they are games that relax me, at least the way I play them.

Have you encountered any particular trends in recent years regarding gaming in Italy?

To give an example, what in the past was depopulating, that is texas holdem poker, has deflated over the years, even if the pandemic has made it resume, but now it is no longer such a widespread game …