Catalyze Tech: Google, Apple and other companies together for diversity

Catalyze Tech: Google, Apple ed altre aziende insieme per la diversità nel settore tech thumbnail

Some of the leading Silicon Valley tech companies, including Google and Apple, give birth to Catalyze Tech. It is a new coalition that aims at increase the representation of minorities in various Silicon Valley companies. The coalition was born also thanks to the push ofAction to Catalyze Tech Report which analyzed the state of the tech industry on issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion.

Catalyze Tech is born: the goal is to support diversity in the tech world

The new coalition aims to define solutions to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech industry. The project is based onAction to Catalyze Tech Report (available entirely online through the site which offers a snapshot of the state of the tech industry on these issues. It should be noted that Catalyze Tech will be present at the first DEI Innovation Summit, scheduled for next November 3rd. The event will bring together CEOs and executives of the signatory companies as well as DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) experts to discuss actions to be put into practice in the near future.

The companies involved

To date, over 30 CEOs and executives from major tech companies support the initiative. Among the realities involved we find Airbnb, Apple, Dropbox, Etsy, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce, Spotify, e Uber. Overall, these companies can count on over 500,000 workers engaged in the technology sector.