Catholic Match is Tinder for Catholics: the match not only after the wedding

Catholic Match è Tinder per i cattolici: il match non solo dopo il matrimonio thumbnail

On paper, the two worlds couldn’t be further apart. On the one hand, a religion that criticizes sex as an instrument of hedonistic pleasure and places the values ​​of a solid family at the centre. On the other, a whole universe of dating apps that aim to encourage meetings between single (and non-single) users. How, then, Would Tinder marry Catholic precepts? It doesn’t actually, but Catholic Match, a similar app designed especially for believers, yes. If you are thinking of trying it, the link is this.

How Catholic Match works: Tinder for Catholics

In reality, the platform is closer to services such as Meetic than, in fact, to Tinder. At the base is the desire to help users find a lasting partner. A dating app, in short, that favors any stable relationship between users, in a period in which Christian marriage appears less and less an attractive prospect in the eyes of young people. Needless to point out that the app favors the match between people of the opposite sex. Not so useless to let it be known that the use of the app is reserved for users of legal age.

Once the profile has been created, users are asked questions aimed at assessing their degree of observation of Christian precepts. New members will thus be able to indicate how much religion plays a central role in their lives. We could say that just as Tinder asks you what music you listen to, Catholic Match may ask you how many times you go to mass per month.

On the website there is also a Mission section, absolutely essential but clear, which reads:
“We exist to help you find your forever love. Someone who shares your values ​​and desires a sacramental marriage.”

And you? Where will you decide to meet your match? Stoup or central nave?

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