Cellularline is the new range of accessories for MagSafe

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The new Cellularline products range from cases to car holders: a complete selection of devices compatible with Apple’s MagSafe technology.

The new range of Cellularline products for Apple’s MagSafe technology

The new charging system MagSafe, introduced by Apple on the occasion of the iPhone 12, is one of the most important innovations of recent years. This ensures faster and safer charging of the devices. For this Cellularline, a benchmark in accessories for multimedia devices, introduces new products specifically for this technology.

GLOSS MAG by Cellularline, the case compatible with MagSafe

To easily use the new wireless charging technology you need to choose one case compatible with MagSafe. GLOSS MAG, with integrated magnets, in this sense it represents the ideal solution. This features a transparent design that preserves the look of the device. At the same time, however, it is extremely resistant thanks to the manufacture in TPU and polycarbonate, so much so that it is Military Test certified. Cellularline he also thought of providing a fixed charging station for MagSafe, proposing MAG BASE. The latter is a practical support with an anti-slip base in which to place the charger, to make charging easier.


Cellularline also offers interesting car accessories, such as TOUCH MAG. This uses the magnets inside the iPhone to attach the device extremely securely and firmly to the ventilation flaps. The 360 ​​degree swivel ball joint makes it easy to find the perfect angle. TOUCH AIR MAG adds to the support function that of MagSafe wireless charger. The holder provides a 7.5W charge that powers the device while driving.


CAR MAG FRAMEFinally, it allows you to transform the MagSafe itself in an active car holder, accommodating it in a special slot to be hooked to the ventilation flaps.

Smartphone charging devices


Cellularline has also made its own charger compatible with iPhones equipped with MagSafe technology. It is about MAG WIRELESS CHARGER, wireless charging base that provides an optimized charge for iPhone, with built-in magnets that allow automatic and precise alignment with the device.

Power bank MAG 5000

To complete the range, the power bank is coming in the coming weeks MAG 5000, portable charger compatible with MagSafe technology. Equipped with LED indicators to monitor the charge status, MAG 5000 magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone without the need for cables and precise centering. Thanks to the slim design you can easily carry it with you at all times; in addition, the ring on the external body facilitates the grip of the smartphone and can be used as a stand to view the display of the device while it is charging.