Hearthstone: all the details on the new Mercenaries mode

Through a press release, Blizzard has revealed all the details related to the new free-to-play mode of Hearthstone called Mercenaries, already available for download

While Blizzard tries to solve the big server problems that Diablo II Resurrected has been having since launch, Hearthstone, the collectible card game, is expanding again, this time with a new free-to-play mode. Mercenaries is available October 12 and completely changes the way you think and play, combining RPG and roguelike elements with some of the fan favorite characters. Through a press release, Blizzard has revealed many details on the mode, in which you can mix and match over 50 Mercenaries, with many others coming, among the most loved, such as Sylvannas Windrunner and Ragnaros the Lord of Fire. Mercenaries is available on PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

The village

Fulcrum and main hub of the game will be the Village, where you can manage your collection, get rewards, visit the shop or go on a hunt. You can also raise and build buildings, to unlock more content or make what you already have more effective. Around the village there will be several places with specific functions, such as the Workshop, where you can build and improve the stations inside the Village, where the Mercenaries can rest and relax, or the Bonfire, another point of aggregation and rest.

Bounties and Mercenaries | Hearthstone: all the details on the new Mercenaries mode

What do Mercenaries do by trade? Obviously they collect the Bounties. From the Bounty Board present in the Village you can choose your mission or the level you want to tackle. “Seeking Bounties” is the purely PVE part of the experience, essential to leveling up the Mercenaries. There are tons of bounties to claim, each including procedurally generated encounters that ultimately lead to the Bounty Boss. Before taking on any Bounties, however, you will need to create your own army.

To get yours first eight Mercenaries you will then have to complete the introductory missions. In this way, you will put together the first team at your disposal and you can leave and go “hunting”. To then grow your roster, you simply have to keep playing. Once you complete the first Bounty, you will receive Sarge, your adorable and shy helper from the Hearthstone Tavern. Your Mercenaries will obviously level up (up to a maximum of 30) by increasing their power and skills, which will allow you to create an infinity of different combinations and teams. Praise to customization!

Hearthstone: all the details on the new Mercenaries mode

Clashes and Classes | Hearthstone: all the details on the new Mercenaries mode

The core of Hearthstone’s Mercenaries mode will, of course, be combat. Whether it’s PvE or PvP, Mercenary’s battle system will reward cunning and anticipation. Before each fight, in fact, you can select your team. For each turn then you will have to choose the actions of the whole team. And if you just want to collect bounties and level up, go for PvE. If you feel like starting to compete in PvP to complete objectives, earn rewards and get a place in the overall ranking… you know what to do.

As for the Mercenaries, they are divided into classes, all recognizable by different colors. There are three roles in total, each of which has different types of moves, strengths or weaknesses, all features that you will need to consider when building your own army. The roles of the Mercenaries can be summarized as follows:

  • I Fighters: While attacking, they deal double damage to Spellcasters;
  • The Enchanters: While attacking, they deal double damage to the Protectors;
  • I Protectors: While attacking, they deal double damage to Fighters.

Hearthstone: all the details on the new Mercenaries mode

Free to Play! | Hearthstone: all the details on the new Mercenaries mode

Finally, we remind you that Hearthstone’s Mercenaries mode is completely free. Each Card and Portrait can be unlocked through normal play. Initially, you will get eight free Mercenaries to complete the first missions and to form your first team. Through the game and the subsequent missions and bounties, then, you will get new Mercenaries, Packs and Coins. For example, each new Mercenary will offer a series of Bonfire assignments. The rewards for completing each of these assignments include three packs and over 1500 coins. In short, it seems to be a fairly generous game economy, we’ll see later if Blizzard will be able to balance everything correctly.

Hearthstone: all the details on the new Mercenaries mode

Good fun!

And here are all the details disclosed by Blizzard on the new Hearthstone Mercenaries mode. Let us know what you think below, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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