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Celly and Nilox: here are some gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching and Celly and Nilox offer us some excellent gift ideas for sporty dads and more. Let’s see the details

March 19 is inexorably approaching and finding a suitable gift to give to our father is not always easy. For this reason we have collected each type of proposal in a special section, so that everyone can find the right gift for every need. However, if your “old man” is a sporty man, here are a few gift ideas proposed for Father’s Day by Celly and Nilox which will surely make him as happy as a child on Christmas day.

Nilox gift ideas for Father’s Day

The new S1 of Nilox is the perfect gift that points on driving safety and comfort. Besides the integrated smart display from which to monitor all the useful information, the scooter is equipped with front and rear LEDs he was born in disc brake. The power of 350W motor it can be managed through three speed levels. To mitigate the risk of theft, the house has set up a chiave NFCrequired for unlocking. Nilox S1 also introduces the turn indicators also in the front LED, in line with the new rules of the highway code.

L’Water Scooters by Nilox is a device designed to “carry” the user around when in the water. It features a three-speed gearboxcan be used up to one maximum depth of 30 m and give away an autonomy of just over 30 minutes. The removable lithium ion battery has a power 25.9 V for 5 Ah. Thanks to his reduced weight of 3.5 kg can be easily transported to the beach and on the plane as hand luggage and offers the possibility of fix an action camera in the appropriate interface so as not to miss a single moment of fun.

Nilox 4K HOLIDAY is the action cam with adjustable screen and wide angle ideal for all dads who like to capture every detail of the best moments of trips and outdoor adventures. Thanks to underwater case included it can be used for any adventure: from outdoor sports to diving, even for dives up to 30 meters deep. A second battery is included in the package to improve and prolong the user experience.

Celly and Nilox: here are some gift ideas for Father's Day

Celly’s gift ideas for Father’s Day

TrainerRound is the new smartwatch from Celly with a display da 1,69” full touch, which allows you to make many daily actions easier: it monitors your workouts, your health status and allows you to answer calls and messages. Thanks to IP67 certification, TrainerRound is resistant to dust and splashes of water and submersible up to 1 meter. You can change the design of the display selecting between different interfaces and customizations. Using the smartwatch with thededicated Da Fit applicationavailable for both iOS and Android, you can also monitor sleep status thanks to the various product features.

Celly and Nilox: here are some gift ideas for Father's Day

MAGFOLD 2 IN 1 BK is a compact and foldable wireless charger, equipped with a double charging space to charge two devices simultaneously: an Apple Watch and an iPhone. The charging space of the smartphone is Compatible with the MagSafe magnetic alignment featured in the latest iPhone models, starting with the 12. MAGFOLD 2 IN 1 BK is equipped with Turbo Charge technology up to 15W to recharge even two devices at the same time at maximum speed. Its shape allows it to be folded and close it easily and store it comfortably in your bag or backpack.

I True Wireless Ambiental they are wireless earphones with a distinctive style. They have capsules with ring design, which allows you not to isolate yourself from the surrounding environment: it is possible to listen to music while remaining connected to everything that is happening around, without compromising the listening experience. They are meant to be used in multiple situations, but they are especially suitable for outdoor activities. If used while jogging, for example, they allow you to have a clear perception of external sounds for greater safety.

Celly and Nilox: here are some gift ideas for Father's Day

GHOSTSUPERMAGCH is a wireless charging car mount compatible with the MagSafe magnetic alignment. The smartphone hooks onto the support thanks to the circular magnetic attachment which guarantees maximum safety and stability. The air vent clip has been improved and equipped with a super strong anti-fall system. The clip is also adjustable, so the holder can be securely fixed on most air vents. There 360° swivel head of the holder allows you to rotate your smartphone to find the perfect viewing angle.

These were Celly and Nilox’s gift ideas for Father’s Day. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news regarding the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow!

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