Celly presents the Trainer range with four new smartwatches

Celly presents the Trainer range: four new smartwatches and fitness trackers to take care of your well-being

Attention to well-being and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle is an increasingly central issue in people’s lives, who have learned to rely on technological tools and applications capable of monitoring physical activity, daily routines and your sporting progress, both at home and outdoors. The information detected by these devices can also be useful for catch any signals from your body and deepen them through medical consultation.

To meet the growing demand for products that can meet the needs of different types of users, Celly, Italian brand of smartphone accessories from Esprinet Group, has created the new range Trainer, consisting of two smartwatches and two smartbands compatible with smartphones Android e iOS and equipped with a wide range of features to keep your health under control.

TrainerRound and TrainerWatch: a single hub for well-being

TrainerRound e TrainerWatch are the new Celly smartwatches, similar in features and functionality but different in design. In fact, although they both boast a display colorato full touch da 1,69’’, the TrainerRound screen has a circular shape, while the TrainerWatch screen is characterized by square lines. Both devices deliver innovative health monitoring features, from the detection of heartbeat, blood pressure and saturation, up to the automatic analysis of sleep phases, to which are added useful functions to monitor your progress in training, such as the calculation of calories, steps and distance, and the detection of training time.

Inoltre, TrainerRound e TrainerWatch they integrate perfectly with Android and iOS smartphones to enable handling of calls, messages and notifications, as well as remotely control music and camera, and activate the useful “find smartphone” function. Finally, thanks to resistance to water and dust, with IP67 certification, and with a battery life of 6 days, Celly’s two smartwatches represent the ideal ally to accompany users in their days, regardless of conditions and activity. TrainerRound and TrainerWatch will be available from the first half of November at a recommended retail price of 59,99 €.

Celly presents the Trainer range with four new smartwatches

TrainerThermo: the tracker to monitor well-being and performance

TrainerThermo is the smartband from Celly’s trainer line that combines the most popular health monitoring features with useful tools to keep your daily activities under control. TrainerThermo, in fact, allows you to detect your own with a simple click body temperature, a particularly useful feature for both promptly notice any problems and to respond to the new needs dictated by current regulations.

Celly’s fitness tracker also provides the heart rate monitoring, of the blood pressure and of saturation, as well as automatic detection of sleep stages, to get a general overview of your fitness. Finally, TrainerThermo allows you to measure calories burned, to calculate steps and distance traveled, to get the most out of each training session and keep track of all your progress. The new fitness tracker mounts a display colorato single touch da 0,96’’, through which it is possible to receive alerts for calls, messages and notifications, and guarantees an autonomy of 3 days. TrainerThermo will be available from the first half of November at a recommended retail price of 34,99 €.

Celly presents the Trainer range with four new smartwatches

TrainerBand: many features to improve your performance

TrainerBand is the perfect fitness tracker for anyone looking to get started monitor their sporting activity, offering your favorite features at an affordable price. TrainerBand, in fact, is able to detect the steps taken and the distance traveled, to monitor the training time, heart rate and calories burned, as well as automatically analyzing the sleep phases, allowing users to obtain an overview of your daily routine and sporting activity to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

TrainerBand is also equipped with a display colorato single touch da 0,96’’, perfect for interacting with cell phone notifications, and boasts an autonomy of 6 days. TrainerBand will be available from the first half of November at a recommended retail price of 19,99 €.

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