CES 2022: Authena and blockchain and IoT based solutions

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Authena presents at CES 2022 the L1VE and M3TA solutions that allow brands to optimize supply chains and offer the most secure verification system in the world for end users, guaranteeing the authentication of physical and digital assets in the Metaverse.

CES 2022: Authena offers the most innovative and secure verification systems for brands

Authena, a Swiss startup among the main providers of blockchain-based solutions to guarantee the authenticity of products along the supply chain, presents on the occasion of the THOSE – Consumer Electronics Show – di Las Vegas two new innovative blockchain-based solutions that allow the creation of transparent, safe and intelligent value chains, generating a new communication channel between producers and final consumers all over the world.

The company provides brands and end users with a technology based on the combination of NFC, blockchain, IoT and AI for support the Digital Transformation and create a bridge of trust between the digital world and the real one. The start up launches a complete solution for the Consumer Electronics sector based on blockchain technologies. It is one of the markets most damaged by the phenomenon of counterfeiting with potential risks for end users in terms of safety and health. According to a study by the Rome Business School, the gray market involves 90% of electronic devices in Italy. The damage generated? 1 billion euros.

Counterfeit electronic products can be very dangerous for consumer safety. Fake devices of this type do not meet quality standards and often have counterfeit security seals. This is done to give the impression that they are legitimate, even if they are not. The solution Authena ShieldTM allows brands to guarantee the quality of their products for end consumers. In fact, the digital-physical seal cannot be cloned or tampered with. If this is not legitimate, it will not be recognized even by the app owned by the end user.

L1VE and M3TA: between supply chain and Metaverse

After starting several successful international collaborations with producers from different sectors – wine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agri-food – Authena at CES 2022 presents: Authena L1VE, a solution for real-time tracking of every product through the supply chain in every country in the world e Authena M3TA, designed to establish a bridge of trust between physical objects and their twins in the Metaverse.

Thanks to Authena L1VE brands will be able to track each individual product independently. The solution transforms the products themselves into devices that guarantee self-detection of diversion attempts, omni-channel inventory management and reduction of environmental impact. The tracker – autonomous and rechargeable – monitors the position of the product on a global scale in real time. It also detects the status of the individual units thanks to access to an AI-based dashboard. The solution, developed for the pharmaceutical sector, has been optimized and made accessible also to other sectors such as the luxury one.

Authena M3TA builds a bridge of trust between brands and the Metaverse. The solution – Plug & Play – allows to strengthen the brand reputation, create new sales channels on NFT markets. It also allows you to involve end consumers in a more immersive way. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), made on the Ethereum ERC-721 base and interoperable with other protocols, are associated with a twin in the physical world via the Authena DAPP, which connects NFT to the Authena dashboard. Thanks to Authena Shield, the connection between the physical world and the metaverse is more secure. The solution is particularly suitable for brands who want to experiment with new and exclusive communication and engagement channels with their consumers.

“Counterfeiting causes companies billions of dollars in losses every year and has serious consequences for people and the environment. The increase in online shopping habits due to Covid-19 has consequently generated increasing risks and dangers related to the global trade in counterfeit products (e.g. cosmetics). Suffice it to say that in the luxury sector alone, counterfeiting weighs about 225 million euros in Italy. ” Comment with Matteo Panzavolta, Founder and CEO of Authena.Authena exhibits at the SwissTech Pavilon – Eureka Park, Venetian Expo, Tech West – 62821 – 10am to 6pm (Las Vegas time).

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