CES 2022: Graphene-Organolyte is the non-flammable lithium battery

CES 2022: Graphene-Organolyte è la batteria al litio non infiammabile thumbnail

Safety is a key word of this CES 2022 and many of the products revolve around this aspect. Among the new devices introduced we also find Graphene-Organolyte, the non-flammable lithium battery from Nanotech Energy. The lithium battery was a ‘decisive invention for the use of many technological devices, as it allowed to have a lot of charge in a very small space. The trouble main of this kind of batteries, however, is related to flammability. Over the years there have been many accidents related to this very aspect. For this reason, Nanotech Energy launches its innovation by developing a product that suffocates a possible fire principle.

Graphene-Organolyte: all the power of lithium without the flammability

Nanotech Energy has managed to lead to the CES 2022 a more than appreciable innovation. The new battery Graphene-Organolytein fact, not only is it not flammable, but it maintains all the characteristics of a normal lithium battery. The product is realized with the graphene, one of the most resistant materials, but at the same time the most flexible. The intrinsic characteristics of the material allow it to withstand the variations in the volume of the electrodes during the charging and discharging phases. This reduces the possibilities of generating a short circuit internal. Since graphene is an excellent conductor, the batteries thus made also prove to be excellent in terms of overheating during recharging.

The revolution of Nanotech Energy, however, lies in the design of a electrolyte non-flammable which can resist high temperatures without catching fire. It is an electrolyte organic, called Organolyte, and is the other key component of this battery. It is precisely this electrolyte that allows not only not to have compromises in terms of capacity despite the non-flammability, but which ensures a greater longevity compared to traditional batteries (3 to 5 times).

Why doesn’t it ignite?

One of the main reasons why batteries catch fire is precisely the composition of the electrolyte. This, in fact, is the medium in which lithium ions move between anode and cathode. Organolyte, thanks to the studies of Nanotech Energy, it is an electrolyte that is not only stable, but also economical and, therefore, easy to produce.

The other news of the CES

While CES hasn’t started yet, we’ve already managed to find five really cool products, which you can see in the video below. Which one is your favorite?