ChessUp: even chess becomes smart at CES 2022

ChessUp: anche gli scacchi diventano smart al CES 2022 thumbnail

CES, the consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas, has always been the debut theater for many interesting, unthinkable and original tech products. This year, al CES 2022, one of these curious protagonists arrives, ChessUp, the intelligent chessboard that will allow us to hone our chess skills. If you have never thought about the possibility of witnessing a technological miracle of this kind, now is the time to find out more.

ChessUp: the classic meets the future

ChessUp looks like a classic chessboard with classic dimensions, colors and pieces. What stands out from a common chessboard is a lot technology inside. No more wood inlays but artificial intelligence, signal lights and aApp to connect. These are the ingredients that led to the birth of ChessUp, the useful device for chess players and aspiring chess players. Thanks to its technology, ChessUp will teach you how to play chess in the best way.

Each pawn features a touch sensor. Just touch the pawn to see the available moves on the board through colored lights. Each color represents the effectiveness of a move that will allow you to eat a piece (green light), move in peace (yellow light) or risk being eaten (red light). The visual support is combined with that of the application with which to monitor your moves, the history of matches or search for a player on the internet to train together.

If, on the other hand, you want to hone your skills solo, an AI will challenge you for victory and its skill will adapt to your skill. No unfair match.

Prices and availability

ChessUp will be available in Europe starting March 2022. Currently, in the US, the retail price is $ 389.99..

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