CES 2022: the news announced by TCL between TV and mobile

TCL announces upcoming brand strategies, upcoming 144 Hz MiniLED TVs and brand new mobile devices at CES 2022

With a series of virtual events, TCL has introduced AI x IoT solutions and all new smart devices, including the 2022 Mini LED TV line and the new devices for mobility.

The words of Juan Du, President of TCL Electronics, during the global virtual press conference, addressed the theme of the philosophy behind TCL products and strategies.

At TCL, we always put our consumers first. Everything we do is focused on bringing value to people by improving their lives and experiences through our products and services. But we can’t do it alone. We depend on our creative and pioneering collaborators, on the long-term support of our trusted partners, with whom we work tirelessly, and above all on our business ethics of integrity and honesty.

CES 2022: the news announced by TCL between TV and mobile

CES 2022: the news announced by TCL between TV and mobile

The President also shared the highlights of the brand’s global achievements in 2021 and the innovations that have driven TCL’s success.

To push display technology beyond known limits, TCL founded in 2009 TCL CSOT and has invested nearly $ 31 billion to provide its consumers with the best quality screens. Furthermore, thanks to a renewed attention to the environment, TCL has entered the photovoltaic sector to produce cleaner and greener energy. Over the years, TCL has created a connected ecosystem for the smart home, driven by its AI x IoT strategy.

Large-screen televisions are the entry point for “smart life” and TCL is continually innovating and developing new appliances and mobile devices to help make people’s lives more comfortable and inspired by greatness. And so commented the President Du;

We trust that our technology solutions allow people to worry less in everyday life, and allow them to spend more time enjoying themselves with their family and friends. At TCL, thanks to our products and services, we want to make people’s lives safer and healthier. Ultimately, we want to inspire and empower people to pursue greatness in their life

CES 2022: the news announced by TCL between TV and mobile

In 2022 TCL aims you have Mini LED TVs. Since 2018, TCL has been investing in Mini LED TV technology and aims to become the top player in this sector within five years. TCL takes another major step forward by applying the 144Hz refresh rate to the premium models of its Mini LED TV offering, thus providing greater responsiveness, sharper images and a smoother gameplay. Both the most competitive gamers who want to experience demanding high-FPS games, and the casual ones, who want to enjoy greater responsiveness in gameplay, will appreciate this major upgrade. TCL’s 144Hz Mini LED displays will greatly benefit from faster reaction times and increased fluidity, giving gamers a major advantage, especially for multiplayer titles.

In addition to taking advantage of TCL’s Mini LED technology, this new generation of TVs will raise the bar for visuals in games and other dynamic content. With over 1,000 local dimming zones, TCL Mini LED 2022 TVs will offer stunning brightness, amazing contrast, revealing even more details for a truly immersive viewing experience. More details on the TCL Mini LED 2022 TVs will be announced later this quarter.

CES 2022: the news announced by TCL between TV and mobile

Several new tablets are also launched at the brand’s multi-category event. First among all TCL NXTPAPER 10s, equipped with a display that completely imitates the experience of reading on paper, in order to protect the gaze of those who use it; the light one TCL TAB 8 4G, ideal for learning and creativity; And TCL TAB 10L, perfect for entertainment and productivity. In addition, a trio of tablets designed for children as a prime target, the new series TCL TKEE: TCL TKEE MINI, MID e MAX.

TCL is also excited to expand its product range to laptops, for the first time with the launch of TCL BOOK 14 Go. Thin, light and with excellent battery life, it is a great choice for those who are constantly on the go and on the go as it supports LTE connection.

During CES, TCL also unveils the new generation of wearable display glasses, TCL NXTWEAR AIR. Portable, light and thin, with an emphasis on comfort and style. With the interchangeable front lens and much lighter weight than the previous generation, NXTWEAR AIR offer a profoundly improved user experience.

To fully realize TCL’s connected vision, the brand will soon launch the LINKHUB 5G router, while continuing to deliver high-quality 4G solutions with LINKZONE LTE Cat4 Mobile Wi-Fi, a compact mobile hotspot.

CES 2022: the news announced by TCL between TV and mobile

Finally, for TCL, large-screen televisions represent the entry point for a “smart life”. Users can access the TCL Home ecosystem from their TV by simply pressing a button on the remote control, instantly managing entertainment as well as home appliances and smart devices.

In addition to the TV, you can use the TCL Home mobile app which allows users to control their smart appliances (such as an air purifier or a TCL robot vacuum cleaner), directly from your smartphone, so as to allow you to sit on the sofa and enjoy a fresh and clean home, with a simple touch. TCL AI x IoT products and services make your life, work and play more enjoyable and provide you with creative inspiration every day.

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