God of War: maximum accessibility even from PC

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Ahead of the release of God Of War for PC on January 14, the developers have confirmed that the game will include Auto Sprint, Auto Sprint Delay, Always on Reticle, and full remapping for the mouse and keyboard.

Sony confirms accessibility options for the PC version of God Of War

“We are investing a lot to ensure maximum accessibility also from the keyboard”. So Sony announced the work on the highly anticipated PC version of God of War, which we already told you about here. The title is obviously developed of Santa Monica Studios (SMS) owned by Sony.

“This is a significant step forward, part of our initiative to bring greater accessibility to all SMS products,” he said. Mila Pavlin, UX lead designer. Also a tweet from Alanah Pearce, Sony Santa Monica Studios explains in detail some of the features introduced, such as Auto Sprint, Auto Sprint Delay, Always on Reticle and complete remapping for mouse and keyboard.

Also on the website mentioned in the tweet, Sony clarifies how other customizable aspects will include text size and mouse and keyboard sensitivity. It will also be possible to modify the sound settings and adjust the movement effects as desired.

“Creating an accessible world for gamers motivates us and inspires our work,” he says Hermen Hulst, Head of Playstation Studios. “We aspire to create content that not only delivers engaging experiences, but also empowers players to make meaningful connections. After all, the game is better when shared ”

God Of War, originally released for Playstation in 2018, will arrive for PC on January 14. 2022 could also reserve us the highly anticipated sequel God of War: Ragnarok, whose release for PlayStation 4 and 5 has not yet been officially announced.

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