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CES 2023, LG aims at sustainability with Better Life for All

LAS VEGAS – Al CES 2023 LG has renewed its attention to sustainabilitycalling out several times during the press conference that we followed the concept of Better Life for All, to which he has also dedicated an area of ​​his exhibition. A focus on the environment and people, with ambitious goals and already interesting results.

CES 2023: LG puts sustainability at the center

During the conference we saw how LG’s commitment also involves various other realities, in order to improve the life of everyone on the planet. With this in mind, he showed LG’s four finalist projects on stage Life’s Good Award, with new technologies that aim to save the planet and help people with different types of disabilities.

LG’s commitment to the planet is ambitious: by 2030 it wants to collect and reuse over 8 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste), as well as using tons and tons of recycled plastic to clean up the planet. Furthermore, by 2050 it aims to use only globally clean energy.

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There is also a great effort to help everyone use technology. For example the commitment to have by 2023 manuals with voice instructions for those who have difficulty seeing and video with sign languagesi for those with hearing difficulties.

From eco-friendly packaging thanks to the recycling of expanded polystyrene foam, to the production site of LG Smart Park a Changwon in Corea with very high energy efficiency, LG aims at a better world for everyone.

As he explains Lee Jeong-seok, head of Global Marketing Center of LG Electronics: “At LG we are constantly striving to do our best to make our vision of a better life for all a reality. The area dedicated to our vision of ESG will give CES visitors an overview of the values, determination and dedication that fuel our sustainability journey and an overview of the innovative technologies and practices we are developing to ensure a better future.”

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