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Lupine the Third vs. Cat’s Eyes: the crossover on Prime Video

The Japanese anime Lupine and the TV series Cat’s Eyes celebrate their anniversary of the airing with an all-new crossover that will air on Amazon Prime Video

Lupine and Cat’s Eyes are about to meet in a single, unreleased film that will see the famous thief dealing with the three thieves and sisters Sheila, Kelly and Tati. A film that wants to celebrate the Japanese anime and its 50th anniversary of its presence on TV and the 40th anniversary of the airing of the animated TV series Cat’s Eyes. The series has three sisters as protagonists who run a bar during the day and turn into art thieves at night, with the aim of recovering the collection that belonged to their father.

Lupine vs. Cat’s Eyes: the crossover on Prime Video

The film is called Lupine III VS Cat’s Eye and will air on Prime Video on January 27. The film recovers the plot of Cat’s Eye as the public left it at the end of the television broadcast and therefore it has been many years since the public has not seen the three sisters at work again. In this storyline, they are in a museum to steal a painting, at the same time Lupine III is committing one of his heists. Since they are both paintings from his father’s collection, this meeting triggers a challenge between the two worlds of thieves that will also bring further secrets to light.

It is not the first time that Lupine III has been involved in crossovers with other Japanese anime, for example in 2009 two films were produced together with Detective Conan, the young detective very different from the thief Lupine. In this film, on the other hand, we are faced with a group of thieves who are moved by different intentions, but know how to be bold, comical and ready to do anything for their goal.

There is therefore great anticipation for this crossover film in the hope that it will entertain and bring something new, but we’ll find out after January 27 on Prime Video.

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