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CES 2023: what to expect from the largest tech event in the world

We entered the last two months of this year, but the tech world is ready for the next one. The CES 2023 will usher in the technological year with lots of news: here’s what to expect from the main brands that will participate in the Consumer Electronics Show.

CES 2023: the main news we expect from the Las Vegas event

Il Consumer Electonics Show is the biggest tech event of the year. In 2020, 170,000 people attended, with over 4,400 stands and over 6,500 journalists and members of the media. This year will be held from January 5 through Sunday January 8, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mainly at the Las Vegas Convention Center, but with lots of events, keynotes and announcements throughout the city.

It is an event for the press and for those working in the consumer electronics industry, so technology ‘amateurs’ cannot participate. But don’t worry, we will keep you updated on all the main novità coming to CES 2023.

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The main brands that we will see in Las Vegas

Almost the entire world of technology participates in the Consumer Electronics Show. We almost say why some companies, such as Apple, do not formally participate with a stand (even though there are often products that serve the Apple ecosystem.

But most of the “big players” will have their own space at this great fair.


samsung ces 2023 new

Samsung does not typically present new products at CES. Although every now and then there are some exceptions: Galaxy S21 FE debuted right in Las Vegas. But that line of smartphones seems to no longer be part of the Korean giant’s plans.

However, the company always organizes a large pavilion to admire TVs, smart appliances, monitors and many other smart products. But don’t expect the new Galaxy before the MWC in Barcelona.


Sony Space Communications ces 2023 novità

Usually Sony plays it for the company with the largest booth in Las Vegas and also at CES 2023 it should show all the news announced recently. Which are very many, come on TV by switching to quality audio products.

It usually does not announce new devices. But this year everyone expects to be able to see the new one PlayStation VR 2 at the Las Vegas show. At the moment, however, they are only indiscretions.


LG Future Home Global

LG no longer produces smartphones, but thanks to its OLED technology it remains a reference point in the TV and screen sector. Without forgetting the many products for the smart home, those for gaming, and much more.

At IFA Berlin had a pavilion of its own to take your breath away, with 97-inch OLED and a gaming monitor that folded. But at the moment we don’t know yet if it will have equally amazing news: but wait until you see the new TVs and some other top-of-the-range appliances.


asus router security

Asus really produces everything from motherboards to laptops, smartphones and more. But usually at CES it focuses on the world of gaming e in this 2023 edition we expect news on this front.

We are talking about monitors, components and above all new gaming laptops. And probably also some products for ‘standard’ consumers, not just citizens of the Republic of Gamers.


game on amd

AMD is expected to announce really important news at CES 2023. In fact, it looks like it could launch the new chips Ryzen 7000X3D early next year. And having already booked a slot for a keynote in Las Vegas, he will in all likelihood choose CES to announce the news.


nvidia prime day

New graphics cards coming to Las Vegas: at CES 2023 one of the most anticipated news could be the arrival of RTX 4060 GPU. It would be the perfect opportunity to announce their new GPU for gamers and content creators. It is unlikely that Nvidia does not take advantage of it.

More news coming to CES 2023

In addition to these brands, there are tons of others that are expected to make interesting announcements and showcase new products at CES early next year. Last year we saw many PC e laptop: also in 2023 we expect that Acer, Dell, Alienware, Lenovo, Razer, MSI e HP introduce new laptops or desktops.

Also from the point of view of technology audio there will be many news. Beyond Sony, Samsung and LG, expect announcements from too Klipsch, JBL, Audio Technica and not only. Add to these also new ones TV not only from the three brands already mentioned (Sony, Samsung and LG will really show many devices) but also from Hisense, TCL, Panasonic e Philips.

For the smart home we will see for sure Google with his Nest. But also Arlo, Honeywell, Eufy e Ring. While in the world automotive will stand out BMW, GM but also Qualcomm with its system to make cars even more connected.

In short: the news will be many. We will tell you about the best.

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