Red Bull Factions 2022: the title goes to Macko Esports

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In the wide world of League of Legends il Red Bull Factions is now a recurring and awaited appointment. A tournament with a particular structure that brings the most important teams of the boot to clash to be able to triumph. The challenge was also lit for the 2022 edition of Red Bull Factions and for the Macko Esports it was not easy to reach the top of the competition.

Red Bull Factions 2022, how exactly does this tournament work?

It all started on September 29th when the Open Qualifier. Here the amateur players were able to fight for a place in the big tournament, even clashing with professional teams. In fact, the target was aimed at the 16 teams that distinguished themselves in the PG Nationalsthe Italian League of Legends championship.

The particularity compared to the rest of the Red Bull Factions competitions, even in 2022, lies precisely in the concept of factions which gives it its title. The challengers are in fact led to choose their champions only by two of the groups that populate the League of Legends universe. This means that the selections are much more limited and there is one extra complication at the time of the fight.

And so little by little the teams have increasingly eliminated each other. The scoreboard has been forming over the weeks, finally leading to the latest one-on-one challenges. The Athlete Sports they AnC Outplayed they met in one of the two semifinals, with a heated battle that saw the former triumph and enter the last phase. On the other side of the board, it was the Macko Esports to assert itself on Cyberground Gaminggaining access to the final.

Everything then led to the November 4thwhen in the Happy Ball these two teams battled to bring home the Red Bull Factions 2022. Between lights, casters and many fans ready to follow the challenge from the stands, the match was very heated and Macko Esports came out triumphant.

A battle not completely dominated

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The final as mentioned was intense. The team that ultimately proved to be the winner kept control of the situation for most of the match, exactly as the predictions that gave him as the favorite expected. However, the domain was by no means unchallenged. The two teams battled in a best of 5 game competition and Atleta Esports managed to get it right once, with the final scoreboard scoring a 3-1 per i Macko Esports.

Many fans came as we said, with a context of big party and celebration for the final of the Red Bull Factions 2022. To welcome them between the scenography and the music, also cosplayers and above all casters and pro players ready to tell the whole event. Among these are mentioned Moonboy, Juannett, Etrurian, Ken Rhen e Terrainaccompanied by Wolcat, Counter6 e Juniper in the role of analyst.

The surprise was the remote participation of Breezecoach of AnC Outplayed and famous player he has innovated the way to play League of Legends, which contributed to the event’s success as a co-streamer. The support of technical and non-technical partners such as Intel, Acer and Deliveroo is also fundamental.

The challenge of Red Bull Factions 2022 ends here then, but the players and fans of eSports are already keeping the antennas raised for the next edition. And who knows if a new rookie team that is capable of stands out from the open qualifiers inherit the title of Macko Esports