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Chair Industries sbarca in France with Charge Angels

An agreement between Silla Industries e Charge Angels brings the solutions of solar charging for electric cars in France. Silla Industries is an Italian startup that yes deals with e-mobility and who launched his own line Solar at the Paris Auto Show in 2020. Among the Solar products, the most innovative is Prism Solara universal charger that uses the surplus solar energy generated by the photovoltaic panels to recharge electric cars. And that now users in France will also be able to use it.

Silla Industries debuts in France with Charge Angels

Charge Angels è un EMSP (Electro-Mobility Service Provider) which operates in French Riviera and what it offers on-air services to improve the driving experience, the management of charging points and fleets of electric vehicles.

Charge Angels chose to partner with Silla Industries because Solar products are compatible with its software platform and because it shares the vision of the two founders: Alberto Stecca and Gerald Seiler.


Seiler explains: “We are both enthusiastic entrepreneurs of electric mobility, of advanced open source systems and of everything that can act as a further driving force for e-mobility. Prism Solar is versatile, connected, updatable in real time. All qualities agree with the services we offer. This is a combination that we will bring to all the charging stations we manage on the Côte d’Azur and beyond”.

Stecca confirms: “We too were impressed by Gerald’s project, which already supplies 500 charging stations and aims to double them by the end of this year: the column in itself is just a means of providing services and functions with high added value for every type of electric and smart user. Our landing outside the Italian borders could not have happened in a better way, especially for products such as the brand new Solar S”.

Really smart charging

Thanks to this agreement, Silla Industries devices, such as Prism Solar and its advanced Prism Solar S are integrated with Charge Angels software. This allows perfect harmony between the physical charging points and the “on air” services provided by the operator. Thus, drivers can easily find charging points, while managers can monitor consumption, costs and maintenance of electric cars thanks to a algorithm in Smart Charging.

Find more information on the Silla Industries website.

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