Characters from the DC Universe who have donned the mantle of Batman

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Which characters from the DC Universe have worn the mantle of Batman? Let’s find out together in this dedicated article

Batman has always had one ethereal presence in the DC Universe. He may be a superhero strictly focused on justice through non-lethal means, but his personality, as well as his usual character Wayne, enjoys an unstoppable presence on Gotham and its vicinity. The identity of BatmanHowever, it hasn’t always been limited to Bruce Wayne, as there have been many supporting characters who have taken over for the Caped Crusader for a variety of reasons. Most of these characters are those closest to Bruce, but a few exceptions have cropped up over time. We’re here to share our list of who these characters are and how they found their way to the Batman title.

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Tim Drake

Popularly known as the third Robin, Tim Drake is one of the few heroes who have been lucky enough to identify with Batman. Even if for a short time. Drake is so good and nimble with his detective skills that he is the first Robin to discover Batman’s true identity on his own. And since he’s a wimp, she goes to him with his resume for a chance to become Robin. Tim becomes Batman in a timeline where Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake work together to bring justice to their city. After the former decides to abandon his cape, Todd and Drake have a gruesome confrontation in which Todd is left without an eye and a leg. Naturally, that leaves the Batman title to Drake. A good story, right?

Thomas Wayne

Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, remained alive in an alternate reality that is explored by the Flash in Flashpoint. Basically, the Flash decides to use his Speed ​​Force and go back in time to undo the catastrophic damage done to his city. Things don’t quite go according to plan and he stumbles upon a universe where Bruce Wayne has been dead since he was a child and he is fathered by Batman. This ruthless and cruel version of Batman has a more intimidating look: red eyes, a more pointed bat logo and guns. Yes, this Batman could shoot you in the face in the name of justice. Bruce’s mother, on the other hand, maddened by the death of her son, becomes the Joker.

Terry McGinnis

The Batman of 2040 and the reference detective of Neo-Gotham. McGinnis gets the role of Batman when he is hiding from a criminal gang known as the Jokerz in Wayne Manor. An aging Bruce Wayne helps Terry fend off the goons, but he exhausts himself too much in the process. As Terry helps Bruce regain his strength, he discovers his secret identity. Terry is then schooled by the OG on what Batman stands for. In the end, McGinnis becomes a super cool futuristic Batman, with retractable wings, jet boots, and loads of tech built into his slim suit. Even Batman Beyond’s intro song can’t be surpassed for its coolness.

Damian Wayne

Bruce went a little too far in his dealings with Talia and eventually fathered her only child, Damian. Or at least she tried. Damian, from comics to TV, is a brat who believes justice can only be served at the point of the sword. Batman does his best to help curb the killer in him, but his efforts are mostly wasted. However, a future version of Damian sees him come to terms with his inner demons and take up the mantle of Batman. Some comics portray him becoming the leader of the League of Assassinsbut most of the comics have him accomplishing everything his father stood for and continuing his legacy as a Crusader in the Hat.

Dick Grayson

Batman’s first and original sidekick. Dick belonged to the circus, no really, he was an acrobat and together with his family, made up of his mother and father, he was known as the Flying Graysons. Unfortunately, Dick saw his parents murdered before his eyes and, not long after, was taken under Batman’s wing. As the oldest sidekick in the series, it stands to reason that he’s the one to receive the Batman title first. Dick was often reluctant to don the cape, but when he did, he made sure he did a splendid job of delivering justice.


Our selection of helpers and characters who wore the bat logo is over. Batman has done an amazing job inspiring several generations over the decades and we hope his legacy lives on in the hearts of fans and critics alike. For further curiosities, continue to tune into the pages of

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