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ChatGPT made a browser game – here’s how to play it

Some people use it to do their homework, some to pray with Padre Pio, some to write songs like Nick Cave and some even to create elaborate scams. Artificial intelligence is expanding its application potential, to the point that with ChatGPT a game has even been created, a sort of puzzle game, available free from the browser.

It all started when a user called Daniel Tait asked ChatGPT to suggest games similar to Sudoku. Not satisfied with the list proposed by the AI, Tait asked the chatbot if he could create a game similar to Sudoku, but that doesn’t exist yet. ChatGPT took up the challenge, creating a first game called Labyrinth Sudoku.

Tait then asked the chatbot to keep inventing new puzzle games. At that point, after several attempts, the AI ​​developed a game called Sum Delete. At that point, satisfied with this latest attempt, Tait asked ChatGPT to create a playable version using HTML and JavaScript.

How to play Sumplete, the game created by ChatGPT

After several hours of interaction between ChatGPT and Daniel Tait, the AI ​​managed to create a satisfying game. The definitive version of the puzzle game is called Sumpleteand is playable for free from the browser.

You can try it directly on the official website

It should be noted that although AI algorithmically developed a large part of the game, the interaction with Daniel Tait was fundamental. The user has in fact addressed ChatGPT in the various phases. This shows that AI could potentially be of help and support for future game developers.

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