ChatGPT, the iOS app expands to 40 countries – but not Italy

L'app iOS di ChatGPT si espande in 40 Paesi - ma non l'Italia thumbnail

L’app per iPhone Of ChatGPT debuted in the United States but is now arriving in 40 other countries – with the sad exception of theItalia. Unlike France, Germany and the United Kingdom, our country remains snubbed by OpenAI – perhaps due to problems with the Privacy Guarantorrecently resolved.

ChatGPT, the iOS app expands to 40 countries – but not Italy

The application ChatGPTdeveloped by OpenAIallows you to communicate with a intelligent chatbot that can provide precise answers, personalized advice and creative inspiration. And recently, the company introduced it as an iPhone app in the United States.

OpenAI launched ChatGPT application initially in US and now become available in 40 other countries, including some Europeans such as France, Germany and the UK. Italy, on the other hand, is not yet among the countries supported by the application. Probably due to legal issues related to privacy which have created problems in the past in our country.

The application is free and synchronizes conversation history between the PC e l’iPhone. Also, it supports voice input via voice recognition system Whisper on OpenAI. Users who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus can take advantage of the features of GPT-4the world’s most advanced AI model, and get faster responses.

The possibility of using the application on the iPhone also in Italy should not be long in coming, even if OpenAI is perhaps evaluating how to implement it without running into new problems with the Guarantor. And it seems that the Android version could also arrive soon: “We do not forget you” says OpenAI. Although, perhaps, even for the Android version in Italy we will have to wait.