Hackers attack the Made in Italy ministry

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Il Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy announced that he had suffered a seizure hacker this morning. And it would not be the only institutional site affected, even if experts report that no data theft has been reported.

Hacker attack on the Made in Italy ministry, no theft

Government sites are once again targeted by cybercriminals. The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy has communicated that since this morning it has suffered an attack by a hacker group. Which would not have affected only the dicastery, but also other national domains.

An initial analysis does not reveal any violations or theft of data. Although it seems that the technicians are still working to limit the consequences of the attack. Working closely with the Cybersecurity Agency.

Russian hackers

The press release from the Ministry for Enterprise and Made in Italy explains: “Since this morning, following an intense cyber attack that is affecting the ministry and other national domains, the institutional portal and the applications connected to it are unavailable. An initial check does not reveal any compromise or theft of data: the technicians are busy mitigating the consequences of the attack, even if it is not possible to predict the times for the resumption of service. The ministry has been in close contact with the Cybersecurity Agency since this morning, to reduce the inconvenience as much as possible”.

At the time of writing this article the site is still offlinewith the technicians who are working to keep the data safe but to be back up and running as soon as possible.

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