ChatGPT: What we know about GPT-5

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ChatGPT certainly needs no introduction, but come on GPT-5, the engine that powers artificial intelligence, we still know little. OpenAI’s generative language model currently leverages GPT-4 technology for its Plus (paid) version, released in March 2023, while the base chatbot still uses the older GPT-3.5. However, the fifth generation could already arrive by the end of the year.

But what will GPT-5 consist of? How will it be better than its predecessor? And above all: when will it be implemented?

Well, despite OpenAi’s veil of secrecy, we do know something about it.

Is GPT-4 currently only available for purchase? Not exactly

Let’s start by debunkering the fact that GPT-4 is currently only available for purchase. In reality it is if we consider only ChatGPT. However, it must be remembered that OpenAI technology also powers another chatbot: Bing Chat. Microsoft’s generative artificial intelligence is in fact equipped with GPT-4, and it’s totally free.

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You can try it on the official website, without having to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. Bing Chat is available on the Edge browser, but you can also use it on Chrome through the Bing Chat for all Browsers extension.

When will GPT-5 arrive for ChatGPT?

To answer this question we can only rely on the precedents. In fact, we know that OpenAI has been working on GPT-4 for two years, the time needed to train and perfect the new chatbot engine. If so also for GPT-5 we will hardly see the fifth generation before 2025. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be other improvements soon.

According to AndroidAuthority OpenAI could release a “middle ground”, a GPT-4.5, already by the end of the year or in the first months of 2024. This is obviously speculation. It is also worth remembering that training language models has very high costs. Which is why OpenAI may decide to take its time before facing other expenses.

On the other hand, there is always competition, which could fuel competitiveness and lead OpenAI to speed up processes. In the specific case the competition at the moment is Googlewhich is making strides to make up for lost ground with launch delays Bard.

What will be the improvements of GPT-5?

Based on the current trends in the AI ​​industry, we can make some guesses about what the main features of GPT-5 on ChatGPT will be:

  • Multimodal capacity (and multimedia): GPT-4 can already process text and image input, but it can’t handle audio and video. Implementing these features would make it possible to create interactive and immersive experiences. After all, Google is already experimenting with multimodal language models for medical applications, based on its PaLM 2 model. OpenAI will probably also have to follow this direction to remain competitive.
  • More reliability: another aspect to be improved is the truthfulness of the texts generated by the linguistic model. While the GPT-4 is highly advanced, it lacks in-depth knowledge of many scientific concepts and niche topics. Furthermore, searches are often unreliable and the results returned absolutely wrong. When it doesn’t know what to say, ChatGPT tends to invent information or repeat meaningless sentences. To avoid this problem, GPT-5 could use a larger and more diverse training data set, including reliable and up-to-date sources.
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): a dream for many is to be able to delegate simple or boring tasks to artificial intelligence. This may become possible with GPT-5, but only if OpenAI continues to integrate its model with third-party services. For example, you could ask an intelligent agent to do your shopping based on your budget and food preferences. The agent would look up the recipes online, purchase the necessary ingredients and have them delivered to your home. This would bring us closer to the goal of artificial general intelligence (AGI), capable of performing any human task.
  • More affordable prices for GPT-4: the arrival of GPT-5 could mean a reduction in prices for GPT-4 on ChatGPT (which as mentioned is available by subscription with ChatGPT Plus).
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