Elemental: box office flop in the US in the first weekend

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Elemental has just been released in Italy and is already number one in the box office, while it’s not doing so well in the USA: let’s find out the details together

Elemental is one of the most anticipated films of this 2023 season and has just been released in theaters in the United States and Italy, presenting itself as one of the perfect films for the summer and for the whole family. In Italy it has not yet faced the first weekend at the cinema, while in the United States it has gone through the first weekend at the cinema which apparently from the box office numbers did not go well at all.

Elemental: box office flop in the US in the first weekend

If you look at the general box office in Italy, Elemental is in first place grossing almost 300,000 euros and overtaking The Flash, which exceeds one million and a half euros in total takings and even surpassing Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse which is approaching 5 and a half million in total earnings since the day of its release. As for the US box office, the film did not reach the 30 million box office, which is a minimum figure for Pixar, especially if we consider the high production costs and also the communication costs for the cinema launch.

With these numbers, Elemental is the worst opening in Pixar history, which is not justified by the summer period, as a film like Ratatouille was released in theaters in 2007 in the summer period, but had been enormously successful.

Sobering numbers to understand the reasons for such a low audience turnout for this year’s flagship film from Pixar. Surely Disney is “paying” for the diffusion policies implemented in the pandemic, that is to take advantage of the Disney Plus platform for the first viewings of films and cartoons. A policy that was excellent during the pandemic period, but which is now struggling to get the public used to going to the cinema again. Especially if this is added to the price of tickets which is becoming increasingly high and makes it difficult for an entire family to choose to go and see the film in theatres.

The movie is however still in theaters and maybe it’s just a slow but constant turnout. For the moment we are enjoying it in Italy where the box office is doing very well.

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