ChatGPT worries Google which responds with its own chatbot

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For any question or doubt on any kind of topic there is only one thing to do: consult Google. And they all do it globally, it’s simply a point of reference that you can’t escape from. However, a new AI chatbot called ChatGPT is overturning this belief. What is going on?

ChatGPT VS Google

This new AI technology, ChatGPToffers answers to the questions posed to him. It has a natural sound, is easy to understand and has a very clear and easy to understand interface.

Despite this, ChatGPT still has some problems and doesn’t always give entirely correct answers, but its potential scared Google. Indeed, according to the New York Times, this AI chatbot has led Google to give a internal general alarmwith fears that this new technology could upend its positioning.

How does it work?

ChatGPT is currently still under development and experimental. Leverage a dataset that was finalized in 2021, so he has no knowledge of previous events. When you start the chat for the first time, you are also warned that some answers may be incorrect. Furthermore, the sources used will never appear.

Google’s answer

At this point, Google decided to experiment with its own smart chatbot, called LaMDA. Although more limited than ChatGPT, LaMDA it gives the user the possibility to have a realistic conversation. This will bring new challenges to everyone in the future, just as social media and Google Search have changed the way we acquire information and news.

Talk to ChatGPT too

Anyone can chat with ChatGPT. Just sign up with a account OpenAI. However, it must be kept in mind that conversations with the chatbot can be evaluated by researchers and used for the development of the technology itself.

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