Check Point Research Unveils New Brand Phishing Report

Check Point Research svela il nuovo Brand Phishing Report thumbnail

Check Point Research has released the new Brand Phishing Report per il Q3 2021. This report summarizes the brands that have been the most imitated by criminals globally with the aim of stealing personal information or payment credentials. Data from the Check Point Research report confirms that the world of social media is among the most imitated by phishing professionals. In fact, in the first places we find WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook which occupy the Top 10 of the most imitated brands.

The Check Point Research Phishing Report Findings

According to data from Check Point Research, Microsoft excels among the brands targeted by cybercriminals. As many as 29% of all the brand’s phishing attempts were related to the American tech giant (the percentage is down from 45% in Q2 2021). Amazon “Conquers” the second position against DHL. The top 10 also includes various social networks, payment and entertainment services.

The Top 10

Here is the top 10 that emerged from the survey carried out by Check Point Research and contained in Check Point Research:

  • Microsoft (29%)
  • Amazon (13%)
  • DHL (9%)
  • Bestbuy (8%)
  • Google (6%)
  • WhatsApp (3%)
  • Netflix (2.6%)
  • LinkedIn (2.5%)
  • Paypal (2.3%)
  • Facebook (2.2%)
  • The percentages refer to the total number of phishing attempts by the brand globally.

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