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Vodafone and Deloitte together to digitize health services

The Vodafone Center for Health is officially born in partnership with Deloitte, for greater accessibility to health services in Europe thanks to digital.

The Vodafone Center for Health is born

The well-known mobile phone brand today announced a new strategic alliance with Deloitte. The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of digital health solutions. The first step to achieve this goal is the launch of the “Vodafone Centre for Health”.

This is a real virtual center, to allow many more people to access health care when and where they need it. The strategic alliance between the two brands will see the forces of digital, technology and healthcare experts from the two organizations join forces.

Digitization is a decidedly sensitive issue, especially in the health sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of connectivity for the provision of essential services. Technology can make health services more efficient, both for the provider and for the patients.

From a recent survey by the Vodafone Institute, it emerges that 92% of European citizens interviewed think that the health sector urgently needs support through the European Recovery and Resilience Plan. Hence the Vodafone Center for Health with Deloitte can accelerate this support. Support comes precisely through innovation and a higher level of digitalisation of healthcare in hospitals. Not only that, because the aim is also to simplify the digital transition in society and in the homes of citizens. Digitization is a key objective for the EU and for governments in the post-pandemic era.

The strategic partnership with one goal: to digitize

Both Vodafone and Deloitte are committed to using their networks and capabilities to improve access and quality of care around the world.

“This strategic alliance will accelerate the adoption of digital solutions, supporting the transformation of healthcare services for the benefit of the companies in which we operate – said Aldo Bisio, CEO of Vodafone Italia – In our role as enablers of digital services, we want to make Vodafone’s technology and platforms available, in synergy with Deloitte’s experience, to support the digitization of hospitals, telemedicine, virtual medical examinations at the service of the experience of patients. The remotization of health services makes it possible to bring people home, to treat them and to do it with greater continuity. Starting from technology, we shorten the distances to arrive at elements of humanization, at a greater level of social equity ”.

Starting from Europe, the Vodafone Center for Health with Deloitte will extend its activities to other countries.

Fabio Pompei, CEO of Deloitte Italia, says: “The pandemic has widened inequalities within our society and the provision of health care is not as accessible or inclusive as it should be. Over the next few years, however, the industry as we know it will be completely transformed, with digital and connected solutions that will provide new and more efficient ways to diagnose disease and help patients. With this project, Deloitte and Vodafone will be at the center of this revolution ”.

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