Cherry MX Tact Switches: New from CHERRY

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Today CHERRY announced the Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile Switches

CHERRY MXmarket leader and expert in mechanical switches in keyboards, is expanding the series MX Ultra Low Profile (ULP) with a tactile version without an audible click. The manufacturer of innovative switches (see here for more information) therefore offers end customers another option in the areas of “high-end laptop keyboards” and “ultra-thin desktop keyboards”.

Il CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile comes with all the unique and distinctive features that the series is known for around the world. Since the switch ULP it is not just an absolute technical masterpiece. But it has also set a patented standard and opens up new technical possibilities for designing ultra-low profile desktop and laptop keyboards. Let us remember that we are talking about a product that has received the “German innovation award”. This makes it CHERRY MX an award-winning innovation leader.

Cherry MX Tact Switches: New from CHERRY

MX Ultra Low Profile

In March 2021, the switch MX Ultra Low Profile was introduced as a completely new development and a milestone in switch development. With an overall height of only 3.5mm, CHERRY MX presented the lowest model of its product range. Particularly for laptops, this allows for the creation of fully mechanical high-end keyboards that clearly stand out from previous solutions. We talk about a pleasant tactile sensation, intense feedback when playing or typing and greater reliability, as well as greater durability without changing the format. CHERRY MX ULP It also opens up new possibilities for desktop keyboards that were previously technically unfeasible. The unique and patented design of the switch incorporates the feature set of CHERRY MX switches which have been proven for decades. This ensures maximum precision and perfect function even in the new design.

New version of Cherry MX tactile switches without clicks

Con MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile, the ULP series has now been expanded to include a new variant. Unlike MX ULP Click, which features tactile switching characteristics including acoustic feedback similar to MX BlueMX ULP Tactile is similar to the‘MX Brown. Therefore, the new variant of the MX ULP abandons the characteristic clicking noise but continues to offer tactile activation. The CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile, therefore, satisfies the preferences of users who prefer a quieter typing experience without the acoustic feedback of their laptop or desktop keyboards.

In addition to the players and teams of eSports, this also includes avid typists working in the (home) office and content creators of all kinds who want to rely on maximum accuracy. Without neglecting, of course, a pleasant and evident typing sensation at all times. The latter target group in particular enjoys a huge increase in the number of users. Every day, countless creators around the world attract hundreds of millions of viewers to their screens.

Cherry MX Tact Switches: New from CHERRY

Technical features

Characteristic for both variants of the ULP switch is a total travel of 1.8mm and the tactile switch point a 0.8mm. This also results in an ergonomic overtravel of 1.0mm. The required actuation force at the touch point amounts to 65 centinewton. As with all MX switches, world-leading, high-precision and durable technology with corrosion-resistant gold contact points forms the heart of the new switch variant. This is a crucial quality feature which, combined with the long lasting mechanics, guarantees a longer duration and consistent implementation quality.

The MX Ultra Low Profile is a mechanical SMD key of CHERRY MX which can be welded directly onto the PCB thanks to the corresponding connection pads. This space-saving solution allows for particularly slim keyboards for laptops and desktop applications as components can only be placed on one side of the PCB. Furthermore, this implementation is also easier for manufacturers to manage and allows for a high level of automation in production.


Thanks to the unique design of the MX Ultra Low Profile, the respective LED SMD (RGB or monochrome) is located directly under the switch. In interaction with the translucent polymeric parts, abalanced and homogeneous lightingresulting in bright display of all 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum. This means that the keycap is illuminated evenly. There is also the option of programmable individual key lighting.

Like every MX switch, the MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile was designed by the experienced development team at the Auerbach headquarters in der Oberpfalz, Germany. The high-precision and exclusive production of this model comes performed exclusively in Germany. This guarantees maximum reliability and precision, ensured by continuous and severe tests in the internal laboratory. CHERRY also relies on complete internal product control, which includes all critical components and processes.

Cherry MX Tact Switches: New from CHERRY

Winner of the German Innovation Award 2022

The MX Ultra Low Profile received the “Gold” award from German Innovation Awards 2022 for revolutionary excellence. CHERRY MX’s ultra-low profile solution prevailed in the “Excellence in Business to Business” segment of the competition against other candidates in the “Office Solutions” category. The judges based the award on first-class typing feel, the CHERRY MX’s fantastic development performance and the new standard set by the MX Ultra Low Profile in the keyboard segment. The German Innovation Award honors forward-thinking solutions in all industries and offers equal opportunities to those who drive innovation forward. In doing so, the jury seeks solutions that clearly stand out for their added value for users and the environment. Therefore, the German Innovation Award offers all innovation drivers equal opportunities and makes their achievements visible to a wide audience.

Meanwhile, the MX Ultra Low Profile has established itself on the market as a first-class innovation and is used by well-known manufacturers of keyboards for laptops and desktops. Especially the top models of notebooks or mobile gaming workstations are equipped with fully mechanical key switches. Alienwarefor example, offers series M15 R4 and M17 R4 with the CHERRY MX ULP option. MSI offers the new Titan GT77 with the tactile variant MX Ultra Low Profile. Corsair also relies on the switch for the Travel a1600. XMG also includes a high-end keyboard based on CHERRY MX technology in its next flagship laptop.

And what do you think of these new CHERRY MX tactile switches? tell us yours below in the comments and stay connected on, for the latest news from the world of technology (and more!).

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