Child of Light: in 2022 a sequel could be confirmed

Aurora and Igniculus will return in 2022, with a sequel to the beloved Ubisoft indie, Child of Light

Child of Light was among the most interesting Ubisoft indie titles released in recent years. Released around the same time as the moving Valiant Hearts: The Great War, both titles that exploited the artistic UbiArt Framework 2.5D graphics engine, also used for the Rayman series. Child of Light stood out above all for its enchanting visuals, accompanied by an entrancing and thrilling soundtrack, especially when combined with the events narrated throughout the story. Director Patrick Plourde, through a tweet, seems to have big surprises in store for fans in 2022, revealing the possibility of an upcoming sequel.

The sequel to Child of Light in 2022: the return of the Ubisoft indies

The publication of the title brought a clearly evident success: Child of Light was appreciated by a very large part of gamers, conquering not only for the overall artistic direction, but also for how they were structured rhyming dialogues and turn-based combat mixed with platform gameplay. The game was able to recover development costs after a few months, thus giving every necessary prerequisite to create a second chapter. Despite this, Plourde himself said in 2019 how Ubisoft was not planning anything about a Child of Light continuum, as it wasn’t the kind of game the company would be interested in playing.

In any case, in the tweet published just now, the director summons the fans of Child of Light, stating how the artistic director Thomas Rollus has given “the final approval for the new great adventure of Aurora and Igniculus”, that is the young protagonist and the elemental firefly that accompanies it, and that further news may emerge starting next year, 2022. It may be that Ubisoft is trying to reposition itself a bit with regard to the creation of singleplayer titles as well, in view of future projects that could focus only on live-service services and therefore risk eradicate or isolate the less “social” part of one’s playerbase.

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