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Children of the Parasite: Black 4 Blood’s new DLC is available tomorrow

Children of the Parasite: the new Black 4 Blood DLC is available tomorrow thumbnail

Officially available from August 30th, the new Back 4 Blood DLC is revealed today in a new trailer. The expansion, the second in the game after Tunnel of Terror, is called Children of the Parasite, and introduces several new opponents known as The Followers. The trailer also shows us a new campaign, a playable Exterminator never seen before and those fearsome enemies who, in fact, take the name of Followers.

The trailer for Children of the Parasite: the new DLC for Back 4 Blood

The new DLC introduces us to the “Profeta” Dan, a new playable exterminator who has proclaimed himself “preacher of the apocalypse”. This apocalyptic funny guy runs around armed, and is able to resurrect others. Not just a feature given the new threat looming in the game: And Follower. These are a group of crazy humans fighting for the rise of the Haunted. In short, traitors who prefer evil to good.

In addition to the new Dan and Followers, the DLC also introduces 8 exclusive skins for characters and 12 for weapons, as well as new accessories and cards.

We remind you that Sons of the Parasite is part of the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, Back 4 Blood: Deluxe Edition e Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition or as a separate purchase.

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