Fire TV Stick 4K Max: discover the directors of Venice on Prime Video

Fire TV Stick 4K Max: scopri i registi di Venezia su Prime Video thumbnail

On the Fire TV Stick 4K Max of Amazon you can find out some of the directors’ cult films who are about to present their films to Venezia 79 on Prime Video. From Aronofsky to Guadagnino, on Prime Video you will find really interesting pearls.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Venice directors on Prime Video

Movie lovers know where to go for the next two weeks: 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival will showcase some of this season’s most interesting films in motion picture. And you can also retrieve some films in the Web Room in streaming (as we explain here).

But on Prime Video, Amazon offers some really good films of directors who will parade on the Lido red carpet in these weeks. Which you can enjoy with one Fire TV Stick 4K Max for the highest possible resolution.

To Venice Darren Aronofsky porta The Whalecomedy drama with Brendan Fraser and the Sadie Sink by Stranger Things. Among the small on Prime of the director you will find his masterpiece The black Swanwith a Natalie Portman Yes Oscar.

The film Blonde from Andrew Dominik to see Anne of Arms as Marilyn Monroe, for a film based on the bestseller by Joyce Carol Oates. The director on Prime found The murder of Jesse James at the hands of the coward Robert Ford e Cogan – Killing them softly. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu arrives with Bardo on the Lido, while on Prime you will find the Oscar-winning film The Revenant e 21 grams – The weight of the soul.

Italian Luca Guadagnino brings Bones and All to Venice, but on Prime Video you can see his two international hits Call me by your name e Sighsremake of the film by Dario Argento. The Son instead it is the Venetian film of Florian Zellerwhose skill you can admire in The Father, his debut film for which Anthony Hopkins won his second Oscar.

To see them with yours Fire TV Stick 4K Maxjust say: “Alexa, play” and then the title of the film. Great cinema has never been so easy to admire.