Il Telegraph si scaglia contro i videogiochi: creano dipendenza pericolosa thumbnail

China: even more controls on upcoming video games, here’s what happens

China: even more controls on upcoming video games, here's what happens thumbnail

Over 200 Chinese companies active in the video game sector have declared that they want to actively combat the gaming addiction that afflicts China, through even more detailed checks. To achieve this, these companies have confirmed that they will consider using facial recognition software to identify minors who use video games, in order to make it easier to monitor the bans imposed by the government.

China: even more controls on video games

This new statement, published by the CGIGC (an association focused on gaming), in turn affiliated with the regulatory body for the publication of Chinese online video games (the National Press and Publication), on its official WeChat account, was signed by 213 companies including Tencent and NetEase, the nation’s two largest game companies.

China expressed strong concern about the growing addiction to video games among its younger citizens and the NPPA last month released new rules that prohibit children under 18 from playing more than three hours a week online games. Companies and investors fear that further action against the industry may be pending approval in the country’s administrative offices.

Just to add some spice to this story, the companies have also pledged to crack down on content that distorts the story or promotes behavior “effeminate”And will work to prevent violations of these rules, such as the use of foreign gaming platforms.

Tencent in July launched a facial recognition feature dubbed “Midnight Patrol” that parents can activate to prevent children from using adult logins to circumvent the government curfew. In short, China’s crusade against video games continues and it seems that the country is planning to tighten its grip further.

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