Billion Facebook and Clubhouse Accounts For Sale: What’s Happening?

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According to the latest news, a database containing over 3.8 billion Clubhouse and Facebook profiles has just been put up for sale online on the dark web. This is the same number of accounts that emerged in the last data breach of the new social network, except that in the package offered for sale there are also all the Facebook accounts connected to the Clubhouse ones.

Billions of Facebook and Clubhouse accounts for sale

The last hit had been evaluated as unreliable by industry experts, ed Clubhouse managers were the first to deny it through a statement that left little room for doubt: “There has been no Clubhouse violation. There are a number of bots that generate billions of random phone numbers. In the event that one of these random numbers exists on our platform due to a mathematical coincidence, the Clubhouse API does not return any user-identifiable information ”.

Now, however, the situation appears somewhat more serious. The database should in fact include a long series of personal data such as names, telephone numbers and more, not to mention the presence of Facebook profiles associated with the Clubhouse account. But there is more, because among the sensitive information there is also the user’s position based on the suffixes of telephone numbers and Facebook contacts, useful for possibly reconstructing a potential network to be attacked.

You will have understood by now that this database could potentially be a real gold mine for all those able to exploit it to set up scams. We are talking about cyber crimes such as phishing phenomena and brute forcing of passwords, which with all this data available would be significantly easier to implement.

In any case, the authenticity of this archive has not yet been confirmed and, if you are a user attentive to your computer security, you will have nothing to fear from this list, just continue to avoid suspicious emails and keep your guard up while you browse. on Facebook or Clubhouse.

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