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Chip and Dale Special Agents: after 30 years, the return to Disney Plus

After years of waiting, the two most famous squirrels on tv are about to return in Chip and Dale Special Agents, a film that promises surprises

Il 20 maggio a new film will land on the platform Disney PlusWe are talking about Cip and Ciop Special Agents. The two squirrels, so loved by children, are therefore about to return with a new movie which, already from the premises, seems to want to remain in the hearts of the spectators. It’s about a action comedy that melts CGI animation with that live-action.

On April 27, Disney Plus released the trailer and the key art of the film, with the two characters who for some time were no longer the protagonists of a show of their own. The release of the trailer has aroused right away big interest in children, but also among the older ones. The latter, grown up with the adventures of Cip and Dale, have in fact turned out to be pleasantly surprised and intriguedboth for the desire to return to relive those 90s vibes, which millennials do not seem to be able to do without, but also for the plot.

Chip and Dale Special Agents: after 30 years, the return to Disney Plus


Cip and Ciop they live in modern-day Los Angeles, in a world populated by cartoons and humans. However, their lives are different from those we remember: Cip leads an ordinary life, working as an insurer, while Dale, who in the meantime has suffered a CGI surgeryworks on the nostalgic convention circuit, spending his days remembering the glory days of yesteryear. The two are no longer friends as they used to bebut an event will change their lives. An old cast member indeed, disappears under mysterious circumstances; it will be the task of the two squirrels mend the tears of their friendship e try to save the life of the deceasedbecoming Agents Specials.

The film is directed by Akiva Schafferbest known for Saturday Night Live (2005 -), written by Dan Gregor e Doug Mand (Crazy Ex – Girlfriend, 2015) and produced by Todd Lieberman (Wonder, 2017) e David Hoberman (Beauty and the Beast, 2017). The executive producers are instead Alexander Young (Extinction, 2018) e Tom Peitzman. The music is by the composer Brian Tyler.

In Italy, the two squirrels will be voiced by Raoul Bova (Cip) e Giampaolo Morelli (Ciop). Jonis Bascir e Francesca Chillemi they will lend their voices to Monterey Jack and Scheggia respectively.

Chip and Dale Special Agents: after 30 years, the return to Disney Plus

Cip and Dale Special Agents, a parody of animation techniques

Cip and Ciop Special Agents looks like natural sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), a character who, among other things, appears in this film. In fact, the new film takes up this style, combining the most desperate animation techniques and recreating an innovative settingwhich hides within itself a nice parody of the new methods of creation cinematic It is on relationship between 2D and 3D.

The use of these different techniques in a single film also allowed theappearance of many characters, who, Besides come from different production housesare also made using different animation styles. Here then appear in the same scene 2D protagonists of Disney classics, others in 3D (specially badly created!), real people and even in stile anime. Already in the trailer you can see numerous characters, including Roger Rabbit, Light from Beauty and the Beast (1991), Uncle Scroogethe little fish Flounder de La Sirenetta (1989), up to My Little Pony and many others that the public will have fun discovering, hidden here and there, in the various scenes.

Chip and Dale Special Agents: after 30 years, the return to Disney Plus

The preview screening with the Italian voices

Cip and Ciop Agenti Speciali was presented by the Italian voice actors in Rome, with a special screening, in order to raise funds in support of MediCinema Italia Onlus. The event allowed the young patients admitted to the A. Gemelli University Hospital IRCCS to spend a pleasant experience with their families, thanks to a marathon of episodes of the Cip and Dale Special Agents series, very popular among children of the 90s.

The evening was presented by Daniel Frigo, Country Manager & Head of Studio Distribution, The Walt Disney Company Italy, Turkey, Israel & Greece, e Fulvia Salvipresident of MediCinema Italia Onlus.

Chip and Dale Special Agents: after 30 years, the return to Disney Plus

Il 20 maggiothe day of the release of the film on Disney Plus, MediCinema will host two protections of the new Cip and Dale Special Agents in theaters MediCinema of the A. Gemelli University Hospital IRCCS of Rome and of ASST Large Metropolitan Hospital Niguarda from Milan.

We just have to wait for the 20 maggioto finally be able to enjoy this film, only available on the Disney Plus platform. It will be the occasion of relivewith a hint of nostalgia, the adventures of our childhood favorites at the same time, have fun in the company of new weird characters.

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