Chocobo GP: unveiled with a trailer release date and free-to-play version

By means of a trailer, Square Enix has unveiled the release date and the free-to-play version of the racing game Chocobo GP

Just a few hours ago, Square Enix announced the Chocobo GP release date, the colorful racing game based on the famous Final Fantasy saga. The announcement was made by means of the trailer that we propose, as always, in the news, and it was also an opportunity to unveil the versione lite free-to-play of production. The appointment is set for next spring, when both versions will finally be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch owners.

Chocobo GP: announced with a trailer release date and free-to-play version

The productions will offer various game modes, which will include the inevitable Story Mode (which will feature 20 unlockable characters and various tracks), and the Series Races, or a kind of championships in which the player will have to compete to get the highest score. The Time Attack. which will allow us to rival the ghosts of other players, the Custom Race and the Chocobo GP Mode, in which up to 64 players will battle it out in an online tournament. The latter option will present different rewards based on the various season passes.

As regards Chocobo GP Lite, this will include it Story Mode Prologue, together with local and single multiplayer. Only some of the characters present will be available, but we will still be able to participate in the online tournament. Purchasing the full game will still allow you to transfer your saves, including the items you have obtained and the in-game currency. Both versions will be available from March 10, 2022.

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