Chorus: here is the new gameplay trailer with lots of news

Chorus: ecco il nuovo trailer di gameplay con tante novità thumbnail

Deep Silver, along with developer FISHLABS, released a brand new trailer for the dark space shooter Chorus, which introduces the story and game mechanics. Pre-orders are also open. The trailer is full of details and allows us to get an idea of ​​the playful mixture designed by the developers. Here are all the details.

Chorus: here is the new gameplay trailer

In Chorus you will take on the role of Nara, a fugitive seeking to destroy the dark cult that created her, facing her past along the way. Along with his sentient starfighter Forsaken, explore ancient temples, fight without gravity, and join the forces of resistance against the cult (known as the Circle) and its leader, the Great Prophet.

The 101 trailer highlights the deep bond of Nara and Forsaken and their path of redemption to overthrow the cult; the epic space adventure across the galaxy, with various missions and a rebellion to lead; the spectacular intuitive space action combat through maneuvers, powers and weapons.

Pre-order now and receive the Elder Armor skin set. Resplendent in its gold and purple livery, reserved only for Circle’s most elated members, the Elder Armor harks back to Nara’s military past. This customization pack can be applied to Forsaken and all three starting weapons; the machine gun, the missile launcher and the laser cannon.

Chorus will be available on December 3 per Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PC (Epic Games Store e Steam) e Amazon Luna.

Main features

  • A thrilling single player experience
  • Play as Nara and her companion, a sentient AI, Forsaken, on a journey of personal redemption
  • Experience fast-paced, fast-paced action that evolves the spirit of classic space shooters
  • Fight to unite the resistance forces against Circle and their menacing leader, the Great Prophet
  • Face off against hordes of enemies, titanic battleships and unknown entities
  • Recover, upgrade and wield devastating weapons and skills in zero-gravity combat
  • Explore a new dark sci-fi universe, full of mystery and conflict
  • Enjoy stunning 4K images, from cosmic panoramas to sprawling space stations
  • Designed to take advantage of generation 9 hardware, enhancements include ray traced reflections, 4K resolution and 60 FPS, advanced destruction and richer ambient effects
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