Nintendo Direct September 2021: Castlevania Advance Collection arrives

The Castlevania trilogy for Game Boy Advance arrives today with Nintendo Direct in September, but the collection is not exclusive to Switch

This collection was overwhelmed by a flood of leaks, but Nintendo Direct in September confirmed the arrival on Switch from Castlevania Advance Collection. Even better, the trilogy (or rather tetralogy, but we’ll get to that) is available on eShop as of today. These are three titles that have revived for the first time on portable consoles the successful formula of Symphony of the Night for PlayStation, setting a new standard for the entire previously linear franchise. After the numerous ratings received for publication, now this beloved trio is back with us.

“What a terrible September night to have Castlevania Advance Collection in the Nintendo Direct announcements”

After Castlevania Anniversary Collection, therefore, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct also brought the trilogy born on Switch to the Switch Game Boy Advance. The titles concerned, for the curious, are Circle of the Moon of 2001, Harmony of Dissonance of 2002 ed Aria of Sorrow of 2003. In addition to these three, however, we will also find Vampire’s Kiss (also known as Dracula X outside of good old Europe). The icing on this bloody cake is the development team involved – none other than M2, known for taking official emulation to dizzying new heights (3D versions of SEGA Mega Drive games on 3DS).

the functions appropriate are all here: rewind, music player, artwork gallery, regional variations, quick saves, and even button mapping. However, to the detriment of the location of the announcement, this is not an exclusive. The game is in fact also available on Steam e PS4, and missing (at the writing of this article, at least) is only the Xbox version.

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