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Chorus: the frenetic space-combat shooter for PC and console is out today

There is high expectation among gamers for the new game from FISHLABS. But now the wait is over: Chorus is out today, accompanied by a spectacular launch trailer.

The Chorus Launch Trailer

Ready to step into a new dark universe to explore epic locations? Then sit back and enjoy the launch trailer for Chorus. The game is available today on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PC (Epic Games Store and Steam) and Amazon Luna. The title was made by the developer FISHLABS and published by Deep Silver.

Chorus brings players in a nostalgic atmosphere of classic space shooters. However, the developers have expertly blended those features with one contemporary mentality. What emerges is a clear evolution of the spirit of this genre of videogames.

Chorus follows the adventures of the skilled pilot Nara and his sentient ship Forsaken. A new enthralling journey of redemption, featuring a right mix of frenetic action and spectacle. Get ready to don the spacesuit to explore cosmic vistas and narrow corridors, all while fighting to free the galaxy from the mysterious cult: Circle.

Circle is ruled by the Great Prophet, but not much is known about this mysterious figure. Under his command Nara and Forsaken were responsible for many of the cult’s major victories and atrocities in their path to dominate the galaxy. Nara, once Circle’s deadliest warrior, is now the most wanted enemy and fugitive.

The narrative, which immediately appears very engaging, is supported by an exhilarating gameplay. In fact, players will be able to have fun using the weapons, powers and acrobatic skills of the ship in zero gravity combat.

The main features of the new title by FISHLABS

Chorus is, in essence, a compelling single player experience. We will have to face hordes of enemies, titanic battleships and mysterious entities. To do this, players will have to play strategy, recovering and upgrading weapons and skills. The game world is full of mysteries, so you will have to pay close attention to the surrounding environment. The latter is also extremely neat, so we suggest, in addition to the tension of the game, to enjoy the stunning developer-curated environments. Cosmic panoramas are indeed characterized by beautiful 4K images and sprawling space stations.

The game takes full advantage of Generation 9 hardware. Some improvements in this regard include:

  • Riflessi in ray tracing
  • 4K resolution at 60fps
  • Advanced destruction of the enemy ship
  • Volumetry of superior quality
  • Richer environmental effects
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