Christmas comes to Red Dead Online: RDO $ and bonus XP

Il clima festivo invade Red Dead Online: ecco tutti i bonus in vista del Natale thumbnail

Four weeks of crazy parties begin in the ruthless world of Red Dead Online: we discover all the bonuses on missions and activities.

Red Dead Online: bonus su sales by Distillers and Dealers and numerous missions

The party season is about to arrive Red Dead Online and the festive spirit rages on the frontier. There will be snow next week and then we will start celebrating seriously with revolver shots. The camp and the Distiller’s Hut will be filled with decorations along with the streets of Saint Denis. Make sure you gear up and enjoy the party carols, themed music and good wishes when you pass by Cripps, Harriet and Gus – this season, the weather is not good and you can expect cold and heavy snowfall. Between December 14th and January 5th the rank requirements will be suspended for the smooth barrel side-by-side. This will allow you to get the variant Krampus: You can terrorize your enemies with the spirit of the holidays. Before the holidays start, however, here are incredible bonuses and discounts on a variety of missions, activities and more.

Let’s start by saying that, until January 5th, there will be Double RDO $ and XP on Trader & Distillers Sales, Bounty Hunter Missions, and Call to Arms. Speaking of Call to Arms: Check your mail at the post office between December 21st and January 5th. You may receive telegrams about heartless bandits besieging Colter, Rhodes, Hanging Dog ranch and Emerald ranch taking advantage of bad weather. Wolves, bears and panthers may also be spotted, so never let your guard down. During the fight you may also encounter a holiday themed locomotive between the stations of Rhodes and the Emerald ranch: it does not bring gifts, but gunslingers ready to send you to hell. Arriving at the latest wave in a festive Call to Arms map will give you a 50% off offer on any weapon.

Bonuses continue on modes such as No waste and Last Stand, which yields triple RDO $ and XP and double Gold. In addition, when you go to a saloon and order a drink, you will receive the “What a pleasure” emote for free. Who will play Red Dead Online between 14 and 25 Decemberinstead, he will receive rewards for 25 Equities and a free accessory. The repeat Evans will be free for all players between December 14th and 29th. Log in between December 26th and January 5th for 10 sticks of Unstable Dynamite, 20 Fire Arrows, a reward for a free Weight Loss Tonic, and a reward for getting rid of the bounty on your head in each state and starting the new year from scratch.

Discounts and freebies by Rockstar Games

Wanted players delivered alive between December 28th and January 5th will yield 2,000 XP for Bounty Hunters. On the other hand, those delivered dead will yield RDO $ 200. Deliver notorious Legendary or Wanted Bounties, dead or alive, to receive 2 Bolas Hawkmoth.

As temperatures continue to drop, return to Red Dead Online in the range just described to get a free Winter Pencil Coat and protect yourself from snowstorms and relentless winds. Rewards and offers will be deposited within 72 hours.

Those who want to become a Bounty Hunter can get 5 Gold Bars off both Bounty Hunter licenses and take advantage of 50% off bolas (including Hawkmoth, Brookstone and Gravesend variants), 30% off the Bounty Hunter Wagon and 40% off items for Beginner, Promising and Established Bounty Hunters. For all other discounts, please refer to the official post on the Rockstar Games website.