Christmas: Eagle Pictures boxes to find under the tree

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In view of the arrival of Christmas, Eagle Pictures has prepared a series of collector’s boxes to give to cinema lovers

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present? Eagle Pictures has the solution for you. In view of the arrival of the holidays, the film production and distribution company offers a series of limited edition box sets dedicated to great cinema and TV series. In particular, from December 7, 2022 four Deluxe Editions will be available enriched by exclusive packaging, gadgets and exclusive contents and a whole series of box sets that make perfect gifts for cinephiles. So let’s go and discover Eagle Pictures’ rich Christmas proposal.

Eagle Pictures: le Deluxe Edition di Natale

The highlight of Eagle Pictures’ Christmas offer are undoubtedly the four collector’s Deluxe Editions. The first is dedicated to Diabolik, with the first film of the famous comic character in both DVD and Blu-ray versions, with two collector cards, two decks of cards, a magnet, a pen and a poster of the second chapter in cinemas these days. Then we have the box set dedicated to the saga of Ghostbusterswith the two cult films of the 80s and the last chapter of 2021, enriched by the original poster of the first film of the saga and a brooch and keychain from the latest feature film.

Moving on to the TV series, there is the box set dedicated to Netflix production Narcos, the three-season series on the famous figure of Pablo Escobar, presented on 8 blu-ray discs with a mouse pad, six collector’s cards and a map and a postcard of Colombia, the country where the narrative takes place. Finally, the latest Deluxe Edition is dedicated to the world of anime, especially to Berserkwith the presentation of the film trilogy enriched by a key ring, some collection cards and a 56-page booklet full of curiosities about Kentaro Miura’s work.

Christmas: Eagle Pictures boxes to find under the tree

Christmas gift boxes

Alongside the four Deluxe Editions there are a whole other series of very interesting box sets. One is dedicated to the great master Ingmar Bergman, with the collection of his 27 films plus the documentary about his life. Eagle Pictures also brings back the famous Dollar Trilogy by Sergio Leone, presented in a luxurious steelbook containing the three films A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and enriched by a 30-page booklet.

The great sagas are revived thanks to Eagle Pictures, which offers box sets dedicated to Star Wars, with the presentation of the nine films of the canonical saga, ad Alienwith all 6 chapters of the series, a X-Menwith 10 discs ranging from the first film to The New Mutants ea Pirates of the Caribbean, with all five chapters of the saga presented in the box set. Finally, for the world of TV series there are the complete re-propositions of the six seasons of Better Call Saul, the 7 of Sons of Anarchy, the 6 of Dawson’s Creek and the iconic Charlie’s Angels.

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