Christmas gift ideas: hi-tech objects to give and treat yourself

Matteo De Filippi

Let’s see what are the ideas for hi-tech Christmas gifts to give to relatives and friends or treat yourself during this period. Let’s discover them together

The period most loved by young and old is now upon us, but many still have to complete the purchases of gifts to give to relatives or friends. We of everything we have given you a lot of ideas, through the appropriate section, with many types of showcases for every taste. Today we will give you some ideas for hi-tech Christmas gifts and not only that, with products that are useful in everyday life.

Here are all the hi-tech products, to buy on Amazon, which can be excellent ideas for gifts this Christmas

Let’s start with a 98 inch TV, ideal for large family reunions, just like during these holidays. The TV TCL 98C735 offers its owners an unforgettable, completely home-made cinematic experience. It’s about a smart TV con Google TVwith a panel QLED with HDR Pro technology and 4K UHD resolution.

For those who live with a four-legged friend within the home, there can be no better gift. There Domus di Croci doghouse is the perfect combination of technology, utility and design and guarantees maximum comfort for cats and small dogs. It is perfect to inaugurate in the winter season thanks to the adjustable temperature from 15 to 35°C.

Here is the perfect gift for an expanding family. With the comfortable format Monitor Duo 2 at Owlet, the newborn can be safe even alone in his own bedroom. There Smart Sock 3 combined with Cam 2 it guarantees a complete picture of the child’s well-being and allows parents to devote themselves to household chores, leaving them to rest.

Being responsible while remaining cool is a trend of recent years. With the new Smart Thermostat Black Edition di tado°, the recipient of the gift can both save on heating costs and furnish his home with an interior design object. The smart thermostat is a must-have for any home of the future.

For a technology enthusiast, you can’t miss it Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. Presenting yourself at Christmas with this intelligent lock with enormous potential will win you the most beautiful and useful gift. The real victory is to open your own front door without having to fight with the set of keys.

But also the other e-commerce provide useful products to give away

Google Nest Hub is an elegant tech accessory from the US company of the same name that allows you to check all the devices in the house, listen to music and relax at the end of the day. Its screen is ideal for following your favorite shows, checking your agenda and ending the day with soothing sounds when it’s time to go to sleep thanks to the Alarm clock with gradual light. But the real novelty of Google Nest Hub that makes it the perfect device for decorating your bedroom is the function of sleep monitoring which allows you to keep track of your rest by detecting sounds and movements, without the need to wear any device.

Christmas gift ideas: hi-tech objects to give and treat yourself

They are Theater Unique Fragrances instead you can find perfumers for the environment that are not bad. A good smell inside the house is always good and as well as covering up some bad smells, it can give unique sensations precisely. Among these we recommend Home, one fragrance that brings together all the essential characteristics of the home: welcome, intimacy and relaxation. When you sit on the sofa, you are inebriated by a pungent scent of spices, and then you notice the hints of coconut that warm up the atmosphere and finally the amber notes that leave a sense of protection.

Christmas gift ideas: hi-tech objects to give and treat yourself

Batuffolo, on the other hand, is a perfume built on an olfactory pyramid of eucalyptus, jasmine and vanilla, e releases an aroma reminiscent of a maternal embrace. With Diamante the bedroom becomes an environment capable of transporting you elsewhere, in an abstract place full of energy and sensuality. With Patchoulove you come catapulted into a familiar and enveloping dimensionwhere notes of Caramel, Sandalwood and precisely Patchouli can be perceived.

These were the ideas for hi-tech gifts and more for Christmas. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news regarding the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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