Christmas gifts to make the whole family happy

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Who said you have to give a gift to individuals? Sometimes it is smarter to give something that is suitable for the whole family, something for the home, for entertainment or simply an object that is useful to everyone.
Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have a selection of Christmas gifts for home and family that may be right for you.

Christmas gifts for home and family

In what sense “Christmas gifts for home and family“?
Well, think of a household appliance: it is hardly for just one person. In fact, it is often used by all members of the family, whether it is an air fryer or an electric broom.
Then there are products that entertain both parents and children, without requiring a significant financial investment.

When should you consider something like this?
When you have families of friends to give a Christmas gift to, when you have children and grandchildren to please, when you think it is better to spend a little more to satisfy everyone.

If you think this is your case, then here we are ready with some interesting ideas.

Bringing an old TV back to life

But not only. Amazon Fire TV Stick it is a small device with HDMI that you connect to your TV to transform it into a modern smart TV, with access to all the apps you need, from Netflix to NOW, from Prime Video to Rai Play, via Disney+ and YouTube.
Everything just a click away with the convenient remote control included in the package.

A little music

30-watt stereo sound, SmartTune technology to adapt the sound based on the orientation of the speaker, customizable equalizer, carrying strap and splash-proof: Soundcore Motion 300 it is a small speaker that could be suitable for those who love outdoor life, be it a day at the pool or camping with the family.

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Why have a ton of tools to tame and style your hair when one would be enough? Or, if you prefer, two.
That’s the idea behind the line Remington ONEcurrently composed of ONE Dry and Style e ONE Straight & Curl Styler. The first is a hairdryer with several useful accessories, the second can behave both as a straightener and as an iron. As? Thanks to the FlexiCovers, which is a cover that you can slide to access the curling iron. With a single gesture.
You can then activate the “Straight” mode, visible on the display, and use it as a straightener, capable of offering temperatures from 150 to 230°C, or “Curl” (“curly”), with the blades are turned off to heat the cylinder.
Brilliant and very useful.

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For the forgetful

“Oh my God, where did I put the remote control!”
How many times has this happened to us?
And yes, there is a solution to this drama called Tile Essentials, a kit that includes 4 trackers perfect for finding anything, from keys to wallet. In fact, you have two classic ones, a slim one that looks like a credit card and a magnetic one that is perfect for the remote control.
If desired, they can be distributed to the various members of the family so everyone will have their own tracker.

Could the air fryer be missing?

Of course not, also because it is the object of desire for 2023.
Everyone wants one, and all manufacturers offer their version.
Princessfor example, has the Digital Family AeroFryer, with an extra-large basket, a capacity of 5.2 liters, a digital screen with 7 cooking programs, the possibility of setting time and temperature independently and a system that makes it easy to wash.
Perfect for doing… well, anything. And she doesn’t even consume that much.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE

It can be useful for watching a video, a film or a TV series away from your living room.
It can be used for gaming.
It can become a study aid thanks to the integrated S Pen.
Or it can turn into an ebook reader for reading.

In short, with Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE you can do a bit of everything and above all it can be used by all members of the family.

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A mini compressor for everything

We know it seems like a very strange and very absurd thing but this little gadget ATengeus it is very useful.
Use it to remove dust from everywhere: the car, the keyboard, the furniture and a lot of other things thanks to the accessories included in the package. However, you can also inflate a mattress and much more.
To have at home.

A vertical iron

L’Access Steam by Rowenta it is a compact vertical iron with a foldable head that helps you to store it anywhere. And no, you don’t need the ironing board so it’s also perfect for those who travel or for younger people who don’t have the desire or space to purchase an ironing board too. Plus it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, removes odors, allergens and mites and heats up in 15 seconds.

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Christmas gifts for him and her AVM Repeater 3000 Ax

Do you know that access to the internet is a right? There is even a bill of rights.
Today a good portion of Italians have a home network, but it is often not fully exploited. Partly due to the choice of router and partly because we don’t worry about adequately covering the whole house. We therefore have rooms where the Wi-Fi is perfect and others where it struggles.
In these cases it can be extremely useful AVM Repeater 3000 AXa Wi-Fi 6 repeater that extends the range of your network while guaranteeing a stable connection and a transfer speed of up to 4,200 Mbit/s.
So you can watch streaming videos, even in 4K, or play video games.

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