Freud: the official trailer of the film with Anthony Hopkins

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Anthony Hopkins is preparing to return to our screens with the film Freud. Let’s discover the new trailer

An interesting new film is about to arrive in Italy too, with the aim of telling one of the most significant (and fictitious) meetings of the 20th century. The protagonists will be the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freudwhich for the occasion will be played by the great Anthony Hopkins e C.S. Lewis, leading writer on the world literary scene and author of The Chronicles of Narnia. The film was announced a few days ago, in the Adler Entertainment list, at the Sorrento Film Days. Let’s discover the plot, cast and trailer of the new film, which will be released abroad with the title Freud’s Last Sessionbut which will be titled simply by us Freud.

Freud: the official trailer of the film with Anthony Hopkins

Plot and cast | Freud: the official trailer of the film with Anthony Hopkins

The new film is based on a play by Mark St. Germainin turn inspired by the essay The Question of God Of Armand Nicholi. The work recounts the imaginary meeting between Freud and CS Lewis on 3 September 1939 in London. A difficult period, due to the imminent outbreak of World War II. In this scenario, Lewis decides to visit Freud, who has just escaped Nazism, together with his daughter, Anna. The meeting between the two will be the beginning of a pressing debate on the future of the human race and on the existence of God. The comparison will end up touching delicate chords in the lives of the two: from the bond between Freud and his daughter, to the relationship between Lewis and his best friend’s mother.

Freud has been the protagonist Anthony Hopkinsin the role of Sigmund Freud, alongside him Matthew Goode, as C.S. Lewis. They complete the cast Liv Lisa Fries, Stephen Campbell Moore, Jodi Balfour e Jeremy Northam. The film is directed by Matthew Brownalso author of the screenplay, in collaboration with the author of the play, the aforementioned Mark St. Germain.

Trailer and release date

The newly released trailer is able to reel off, in just a few minutes, the plot contained in the synopsis. We can deduce from these first images that it will probably be an intense film which, despite being mostly dialogue, will be able to glue the viewer to the screen, enraptured by the words of the two protagonists. Freud will be released in theaters in the United States in December. But unfortunately, we don’t yet know what the release date will be in Italy. To find out, stay tuned to, we will let you know as soon as it is announced.

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