Chrome introduces a mode that saves RAM

Chrome introduce una modalità che risparmia la RAM thumbnail

To improve the performance and energy efficiency of your browser, Google introduced two new modes in Chrome: Memory Saver -that saves RAM – e Energy Saver. Already announced last December, they arrive on all Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook computers.

Google Chrome saves RAM with new mode

Users can activate the new modes through the Settings menu, finding them in the performance section. Memory Saver mode aims at optimize the use of system RAM memory, especially taking away the memory allocated to inactive boards.

This mode, similar to those offered by other Chromium-based browsers, allows you to prevent Chrome from slowing down due to lack of memory resources. When the user returns to an inactive tab, Chrome will automatically activate the memory resources to that card, making it active again.

The Energy Saver mode, on the other hand, increases battery life. It mostly does this by limiting background activity and visual effects such as smooth page scrolling and video frame rates. The user can choose to activate this mode when the battery level drops to 20%.

According to Google, Memory Saver Mode can reduce Chrome’s RAM usage by up to 30%. Something that will help especially to older computers with little RAM memory, allowing for better performance. On the other hand, the energy saving mode will be especially useful for users who use their laptops on the go.

Both seem welcome additions, going to touch two “sore spots” in Chrome. Which is the most popular browser due to its snappy performance and extreme compatibility with the whole web. But that on less performing hardware it needed more optimized resource consumption.

Those who have snappy computers with great autonomy will probably never use these resources. But many other users will certainly find them useful.

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