Samsung inaugurates the Message Guard function on the Galaxy S23

Samsung inaugura su Galaxy S23 la funzione Message Guard thumbnail

Samsung has decided to introduce the function on the Galaxy S23 Message Guardwhich it should defend users from dangerous images.

A cosa serve Samsung Message Guard

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As mentioned, it will help owners of the innovative Galaxy S23 protect themselves from harmful images received by message. It currently works on the app Messages and it is essential to preserve the health of the phone and prevent any cybercriminal from easily accessing the smartphone.

Message Guard directly isolates all incoming images when you receive a message. This also isolates potentials malwarethus preventing direct access to the smartphone. But what happens to isolated images?

Essentially the Galaxy S23 shields them and, to quote Samsung itself, “neutralizes any potential threats hidden in the image files, before they have a chance to harm you”.

Samsung Message Guard currently scans PNG, JPEG, GIF, ICO, WEBP, BMP and WBMP image types. In the future this functionality will also be extended to other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, while other devices in the Galaxy line, including tablets, will receive Message Guard within end of year.

Not least, cybercriminals are honing their hacking skills more, making it necessary to create a protection system that also affects the messaging component, too often underestimated and ill-considered.

Samsung therefore once again proves to be on the side of its users and their safety. In a world populated by myriads of smartphones, in fact, it is essential to find that something that can make the company stand out in a flood of competitors and thanks to its history and its reliability, Samsung has once again taken the right path.

And who knows, Message Guard won’t lead the way, prompting many other manufacturers to take the cybersecurity of their smartphones seriously and to warn their customers of the dangers that lurk in the shadows of technology.

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