Cinderella’s Curse: the first images of the horror version of Cinderella

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Exclusively the first images of the new horror-tinged remake of Cinderella’s Curse. The dark version of Cinderella, directed by Louise Warren

The first exclusive images of the new horror-tinged remake of Cinderella’s Curse. Fairy tale so loved by the little ones; she’s ready to hit the big screen in a darker, more villainous version, a departure from the 1950s Disney classic. filming scheduled for next month in the UK; starring actresses: Kelly Rian Sanson, Chrissie Wunna and Danielle Scott.

Produced by ChampDog Films (the same production house that made the controversial Winnie The Pooh Blood and Honey); see directed by Louise Warrencon Harry Boxley to the script. Here is an excerpt of the first images.

Cinderella's Curse: the first images of the horror version of Cinderella

Cinderella’s Curse: Cinderella turns red in the horror version

No fluffy blonde curls and enchanted places in the horror version of Cinderella’s Curse. Here comes one Cinderella with blood red hues, screaming in pain and damnation at the top of their lungs. Few clues and a simple image capable of capturing curiosity; presenting a reinterpretation of the classic fairy tale in a more violent, atrocious and dark version. Distributed by ITN Studios in October 2023; Here are the director’s exclusive statements Louise Warren:

It’s an incredibly unique take on the Cinderella we all love and know. There will be some truly horrific deaths at his hands. I think gore followers will enjoy my dark reimagining

The film release of Cinderella’s Curse is scheduled for next October. At the moment, the horror version of Cinderella has no official storyline. For now, the only official information concerns the names of the protagonist cast: Chrissie Wunna (as the fairy godmother) e Danielle Scott (in the guise of the wicked stepmother). They will be joined by Natasha Tosini, Simon Ellis, Charlotte Coleman Matthew Baunsgard, Scott McGlynn.

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