Circle can be used by more Twitter users

Un numero maggiore di utenti Twitter può ora utilizzare Circle thumbnail

Twitter is extending access to the Circle feature to a greater number of users. The function in question is similar to the one that allows Instagram users to publish Stories exclusively for “close friends” or for a selected number of accounts.

The Circle feature is accessible to more Twitter users

Thanks to Circle it will be possible for Twitter users publish content on the social network that will be accessible exclusively to a specific group of accounts. Initially, you will be able to include up to 150 accounts in your Circle.

According to what was declared by Joseph Nunez, Twitter spokesperson, at The Verge, the Circle function is not yet active for all users of the social network. According to Nunez: “We are still testing Twitter Circle with a group of people on iOS, Android and the web globally. The functionality has not yet been extended to everyone as we continue to collect feedback ”.

The function is, therefore, still being tested. You can check if your account is involved in the test by composing a tweet (via app or web browser). In the panel to publish the tweet, users who participate in the test will see the additional option that allows them to take advantage of Circle to share the content with a selected number of accounts.

Testing of this new feature is expected to finish over the next few weeks. Soon we can expect a global release.