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Suzuki, bicycles and the mobility of the future

Suzuki want to talk about bicycles e you mobility of the futureemphasizing how the widespread mobility is becoming the way to go. That is why he held a panel discussion on the subject just today, as he announced the Suzuki Bike Day 2022. A cycling route closed to traffic, which this year will start from Imola. The The 28.5 km race will start on 9 July even passing through the curbs ofAutodromo Enzo and Dino Ferrari. To underline the link between bicycles and engines.

Suzuki talks about bicycles and mobility of the future

On the occasion of the presentation Suzuki Bike Day 2022a special round table talked about how bicycles are becoming increasingly important for the mobility of tomorrow, becoming part of the concept of widespread mobility.

Moderated by Federico Quaranta, TV presenter of Linea Verde Radici, the round table saw several important guests. The President of ACI Angelo Sticchi Damiani, Alessandro Re of ANCMA, Giuliano Giubelli by FIAB. But also the television commentator and coach of the national cycling team since the golden year of 2021 Davide Cassani and the very expert journalist of Giro d’Italia Marino Bartoletti. With Massimo Nallipresident of Suzuki Italia.

The latter began by telling us how the Hamamatsu House, while not engaged in the production of bicycles, it has a very close historical link with two wheels. The first products he made in 1952 were his own motorized bikes, then move on to motorcycles and scooters and more. And then he underlines the words of the President of Suzuki Motor Corporation Toshihiro Suzuki in Suzuki’s 2021-2022 sustainability report: “we have to propose a holistic view of the entire environment that houses our products. “

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An overview

Bartoletti he then recounted some moments in the history of the Giro d’Italia. Underlining how the history of our country is closely linked to that of bicycles. When the historical image of Coppi and Bartali with the bottle was taken, Italy was a country of cyclists. If cars and motorcycles play a central role today, cycling remains in the DNA of our country. Many grandparents and great-grandparents today grew up without a license, moving in a “green” way before it became a need for sustainability.

Today this need is grafted onto an ecosystem of “widespread” mobility in continuous growth. Although during the round table several times the panel emphasizes how the ‘conflict’ between cyclists and motorists you stay alive. With many cyclists who, when they get into the car, become impatient with the bicycles they meet on the street.

This is one of the reasons why theACI during the Giro d’Italia he promoted the campaign “Let’s respect each other“, with “1.5 meters of safety” e “file“. Because everyone’s collaboration is needed to make the roads safer, with drivers keeping their distances and cyclists standing in line one after the other.

This coexistence could make one possible mobility to “widespread means“. The pedestrian, the cyclist, the motorist and the motorcyclist often I am the same person using different means on several occasions. So we need to see mobility as an ecosystem of means and services, without the sectorialisms that are often encountered in these discussions.

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A long way to go together

From the members of the various associations to the intervention of the former CT Davide Cassani, it seems clear that there is still a long way to go. But the journey together has begun. The first steps in creating a bicycle-proof world require one more precise traffic regulations, a bicycle-proof urban design (the comparison with the Netherlands of the panel is evident to all). But we must also re-discuss the insurance issues e techniques and above all the reciprocal of the other users of mobility.

A common planning it’s a dialogue with the institutions Suzuki strongly believes inor. The need for mobility remains, regardless of the medium. For this reason, it organizes activities such as Suzuki Bike Day 2022 a Imola il 9 July 2022, where you will also have the opportunity to ride with Davide Cassani.

And receive 2,000 subscribers they will also receive a race pack with lots of gadgets and those who register by 1 July will have a personalized front panel. The minimum registration fee from 5 euro will go in favor of the Marco Pantani Onlus Foundation. Those with a passion for bicycles (and also for Suzuki), cannot miss: here the inscriptions.

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